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Aashwasan Group Brings Inspirit With Rashmi Aiyappa To The United States

Aashwasan Group Brings Inspirit With Rashmi Aiyappa To The United States

Rashmi Aiyappa

Aashwasan ScienceTM unravels the cause and effect of life and its experiences. The creator of Aashwasan ScienceTM is Rashmi Aiyappa. To the world – she is a renowned spiritual scientist, inventor, social innovator and the Founder of Aashwasan Group of Companies.

Rashmi Aiyappa

Aashwasan invites you to a unique experience specially crafted for you to take a peek into the dimensions beyond time and space into the world undiscovered, into the world of ‘You’. Rashmi Aiyappa will light the evening, where one will demystify, experience hope and unite with enlightenment.

Rashmi Aiyappa

A science that was discovered with mysteries hidden in ancient times, secrets about timelessness and theories about life after death – one science that encompasses mechanism of all life forms into a single dynamic format demystifying root cause of all unknown, may it be – suffering from a disease, struggling in situations of life, stuck in a relationship or not knowing yourself at all. A space that has an answer beyond religion, belief, faith, logic, and philosophy – it is an experience.

Nothing that happens in our life is a coincidence. Life may appear random, but it is not so. There is a reason behind every happening. There is a cause behind every experience, sometimes known, sometimes unknown. There is a reason why we go through confusions, fears, diseases, mental trepidations, unfulfilled relationships, stressful situations, spiritual dilemmas and innumerable nagging questions about our life.

Life offers many paths and avenues to reach oneself, to the experience of who we are, but at times we feel stuck and are unable to move ahead due to the layers of conditioning. At times we question the very reality of what we see and experience. What does it do to us? Have we ever wondered? Amidst the array of emotions and feelings, how does one gauge the truth of one’s reality? How can one travel closer to the realms of one’s knowing? What is the door to that inner world which we so wish to discover…

Rashmi Aiyappa

Join us for a subtle and sublime evening to take a journey to the core of your being.

Because Love is where it all begins…

Venue: 53 East, 64th Street, 10065 New York, New York United States

Date: 21st Jul 2018

Time: 4:30pm – 8:30pm

Registration Charges: $500

RSVP: Ph: +1 646 462 4232.



Limited seats. Allocation on first come first serve basis.


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