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Tune In Tuesdays – Kaya The Band’s Tera Des Is Nostalgic For Pakistan

Tune In Tuesdays – Kaya The Band’s Tera Des Is Nostalgic For Pakistan

For every person who lives away from their homeland, festivals bring back memories with a pang of a desire to go back just for the day. This Tune-in-Tuesdays, Kaya the Band has the perfect song in Tera Des to celebrate the 71st Independence Day of Pakistan. The track is about all the overseas Pakistanis, echoing their feelings of staying away from home and is a call for them to come back to where they truly belong. Because Pakistan needs you.

South Asian music has gained a lot of prominence across the world as our music is the reflection of our culture. The various music styles like folk, pop, classical, etc., and the talent of Desis is just getting better with each passing day.

Raanva #TuneInTuesdays

The lead artists, Afsheen Hayat, Emad Rahman, and Russell Owen D’souza have put their diverse background of local and international music together and have presented to the world a music album which focuses intensely on the most profound sense of being, supernaturalism, and the positive energy found inside music, that can change both the performers and the audience with their trademark brand of music.

kaya the band tera des

Music is Emad Rahman’s life, and through these years he has made and been a part of endless ventures and joint efforts individually, and with Pakistan’s highest performers and acts. Since the 90s, he has been associated with the dynamic and energetic Pop and Rock bands in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, the US, Canada, and Italy. This talented man is a musician, vocalist, writer, saxophonist, and sound engineer.

kaya the band tera des

The lead singer, Afsheen Hayat, has a unique soothing tone. She joined hands with Emad in 2014 and has been working with various local and international ventures. Her noteworthy vocal flavor in songs has been nothing less than icing on the cake.

Russell Owen D’souza is one of the outstanding bassists of Pakistan and has played with some of the best performers here. Most of his fans and friends refer to him as the “Marcus Miller of Pakistan” because of the extraordinary substance of ethnic flavor that he adds to his music.

kaya the band tera des

With Tera Des Kaya the Band has brought out a heartfelt song which goes beyond mere words and touches the heart. Every Pakistani will feel this one. Listen to it right now.


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