This 60+ Indian American Couple Is True Travel Junkie

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We love inspiring travel stories where people overcome various obstacles or undertake adventurous routes to experience something new. However, this Indian American Physicist couple has set a new bar for all the travelers out there by completing a California to India trip in just 62 days. Yes, you heard us right!

Dr. Rajesh & Darshana Kadakia - Travel

Dr. Rajesh Kadakia (63) and his wife, Dr. Darshana Kadakia (61), who live in San Francisco, California, recently set a record of visiting 17 countries in just 62 days. They completed their 36,000 – mile trip from California to Hyderabad (India) in their 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser. On the way, they crossed northern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and China before finally entering their homeland which was definitely an emotional moment for them.

It is no surprise that they faced a lot of difficulties on their way like extreme road and weather conditions, anxious border crossings, drastic elevation changes, and even a few language barriers. They endured temperatures varying from -15 Fahrenheit to over 100 Fahrenheit and emerged victorious.

Dr. Rajesh & Darshana Kadakia - Travel

Dr. Rajesh Kakadia is no stranger to driving in adverse conditions as he was a 1981 National Off-Road Himalayan Car Rally champion. But his beloved Toyota Land Cruiser certainly played an important role in the success of this trip. This bulletproof vehicle helped the couple to complete their journey with few minor hiccups. And his better half, Darshana, who is an avid traveler herself, kept both of them nourished with healthy vegetarian food alternatives. 

Some days, they had to sustain only on dry fruits and limited vegetables, but despite all these obstacles, they were able to set this record. Dr. Darshana aims to put her experience to good use by influencing the future generation to eat healthy while traveling.

Dr. Rajesh & Darshana Kadakia - Travel

This amazing feat shows that if two people, aged 60 above, can accomplish their travel goals then so can the youth of this world. And traveling isn’t limited to age or money; if you have the zeal for it then you can certainly make your dreams come true too!

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