Tune In Tuesdays – Raghav Steals Our Heart With ‘Maayera’

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Canada-based Indian R&B singer Raghav Mathur is back with a new smoking single Maayera and well, we can’t stop gushing about its awesomeness. So, this Tune-in-Tuesdays, we dive deep into Raghav Mathur’s life, and his latest pop hit release.

Raghav Mathur DissDash

Delivering hits like Angel Eyes and Can’t Get Enough, which had become chartbusters in the start of 2000s, Raghav is no less than a legend in the music industry. Born in Toronto, Canada, Raghav showed interest in Indian and R&B music at the tender age of 15. And by the time he was 16, he had written a song which won him an award by the National Songwriters Association of the US.

Raghav Mathur DissDash

Trained under Seth Riggs, who has been a mentor to artists like Madonna, Stevie Wonder, etc., Raghav improved his vocals. After completing college, he was signed by A&R/V2 Records in 2003 where he worked closely with the DJ and Producer of 2Play. His first single So Confused was released in 2004, which was at number 6 in the UK Singles Chart. After releasing another couple of hit singles in the same year, this Desi boy finally released his debut album, Storyteller. But this was just the start.

Raghav Mathur DissDash

After that, Raghav went on to release several other hit singles and albums and has been touring all over the world. And guess what? He also collaborated with musical king A.R. Rahman for a few of his songs! Isn’t that dope? He made his Bollywood playback debut with Ishq Shava in Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Raghav was thrilled to be the voice for Shah Rukh Khan.

Raghav Mathur DissDash

He has won several awards over the years and his latest release, Maayera is a reflection of his journey into the music industry. This song captures his experience with Indian pop music with hints of his beloved R&B melody perfectly.

This love song brings back memories of the 70s and 80s era. The video reflects the pain and confusion that lovers face when they break-up for no logical reason, and the song conveys that love is actually bigger than its flaws.

Raghav Mathur DissDash

Trust us, if you are a die-hard romantic then you are absolutely going to love this song!

Check out the song right here.

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