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The Reality Of Battling Mental Health In The Changing World

The Reality Of Battling Mental Health In The Changing World

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This year the World Mental Health Day focuses on young people and mental health in the changing world. The aim of making people aware of the importance of mental health is an ongoing process, and we are still battling with the acceptance that our society needs. This has become all the more important for people who have gone through mental trauma and the necessity for them to come out and speak about it. 

World Metal Health Day

We live in a society where the percentage of people suffering from mental trauma is huge, and despite this fact, communication is often avoided about it. Mental health is the most important aspect of one’s overall health, and we need to talk about it.

In today’s day and age, it is being seen that adolescents are more vulnerable to mental stress and illness. Factors contributing to their ill-mental health are being contributed to online technology, stress, and other additional peer pressures. Hence, the theme of 2018 is all about helping youngsters build their mental resilience. Support from the family and friends become important for every person to deal with the issues and challenges that are hurled at them, preventing them from giving up or giving in. 

A number of celebrities, starting from Ellen Degeneres to Johnny Depp; from Deepika Padukone to Karan Johar, and from Randeep Hooda to Anushka Sharma, have come forward and voiced their concerns bravely about the various mental health issues that they have been through.

World Metal Health Day

The symptoms of mental illness differ for different people. While some may adopt unusual habits such as excessive eating or not eating at all, feeling anxious and scared, feeling of despair and self-doubt, others may have relationship problems, mood swings, or increased usage of certain medicines and so on. 

World Metal Health Day

Mental illnesses can start from teenage years, and is usually confused with hormonal upsurge; thus going untreated and undetected. This has also lead to a spike in the number of suicides and youngsters getting into depression.

World Mental Health Day

Motivating and encouraging the youth to speak up and educating the society as a whole about the existence and acceptance of mental health issues must be delivered at all levels. This will help youngsters to be mindful of their mental health and accordingly, they can support their peers in need as well. 

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In the end, we should all should remember that it is a phase and it too shall pass. We all just need to stand together and make sure that anyone who needs help gets it timely.

Jasleen Kaur

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