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Dr. Renu Persaud Talks About Her Book The Mastery Of You

Dr. Renu Persaud Talks About Her Book The Mastery Of You

DR. Renu Persaud

Writing a book is a very taxing job, but it also feels good at the same time to share your inner feelings and experiences. Just like Dr. Renu Persaud who has recently released her new book The Mastery of You under Waldorf Publishing.


The Toronto-based professor believes that the joys, sorrows, uncertainties and the magnificence of life inspired her to write this book. It is all about self-worth and the development of a strong sense of self. In a conversation with Daniel Pillai, Renu said, “I wanted to share my journey not because I was unique or special, but to show we are all similar, that no matter who we are, we share similar journeys.”

DR. Renu Persaud

Talking about how cathartic was the process of writing the book, she said that the journey was like unraveling the knots, which existed in her life.

The book is partly autobiographical highlighting the emotional and excruciating experiences for which she had to grab courage to express for the readers.

“There was a sense of vulnerability that we all feel when we disclose about our lives. As a private person, this was the hardest part. We cannot help but wonder how our writing will be received. As a writer, I do not want to teach about life, but to bring out the unrelenting capacity and faith in our purpose.”

DR. Renu Persaud

Renu feels grateful to all who have found useful and have learned and contemplated from her work. “I am happy with the reception and overjoyed by the letters, notes, gratitude, and sentiments so many continue to share,” she said. Renu believes that the best aspect of the book is the reception she has received from around the world which is touching and changing the lives of people. Elated by the response, she said, “I am uplifted by the global appeal because it proves we are all the same, looking for the same thing, regardless of where in the world we reside.”

But during the process of writing, she said that she had to set aside thoughts about how people would react to the book. Renu said, “I have learned that expectation is fulfilled by our own actions so I tried to focus on my writing. We need to respect public opinion, and I have received all kinds of reactions. Very positive and some very surprised.”

DR. Renu Persaud

Renu Persaud feels that the ultimate goal for humanity is in the kindness revolution. Sharing her feeling about how this book made a change in her life she said, “As a mother and a wife, I am very private about my life, to me these roles are sacred. I am often asked why I do not share anything about my personal life presently, but that is my choice.” But she has realized that love and support from others cannot solely fulfill her life, it’s also the inner-self of a person that helps you fulfill your life, which you take time to realize.

She says that even the work you do helps you grow as a human being. “As a university professor, it helps to inspire people and interact with incredible human beings as well, which helps us grow. And if I have touched anybody’s life, to help build their future, it helps me to know that I am doing something wonderful as a person and this technique I have used in The Mastery of You to show them just how worthy they are,” Renu shared.

Dr. Renu Prasad’s book is all about self-mastery and kindness, which will help us learn about self-importance and fulfillment in life that everybody seeks.

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