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Tune In Tuesdays – ‘See You Lookin’ With Akash Ahuja

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A talented rapper from New Jersey, Akash Ahuja’s new release ‘See You Lookin’ is doing the rounds on the internet and is the focus of this New Year’s first Tune in Tuesdays.

Akash Ahuja
Image Source: Instagram via Akash Ahuja

Ahuja blends hip-hop and South Asian beats to make songs which have a fresh and happening feel. He first became interested in producing music at the age of 6 when he started playing the Tabla. Slowly, he started writing his own song lyrics, experimented with the beats a little and even collaborated with other artists. Till date, he has collaborated with various artists on 7 different studio albums and is likely to continue with it and be a part of many group tours in the future.

A believer in hard work, Ahuja is emerging as a gifted musical artist and can be seen using Bhangra and other Indian classical music to produce trendy scores. And his latest song is a reflection of all this.

Akash Ahuja
Image Source: Instagram via Akash Ahuja

‘See You Lookin’ is a hot track where Ahuja is seen riding the subway. The single has him rapping in English with some Hindi flow. The beat will have you hooked to the song from get-go. Released on December 28th, this one is bound to make a lot of rounds in the club scene in the coming days. In the meanwhile ‘See You Lookin’ is trending with the online dance competition #AkashChallenge in which Ahuja will choose his favorite video.

So, if you are looking for a song to start your new year with a bang, then check out this one right here.

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