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Sikh Female Trucker Breaking Gender Stereotypes In The US

Sikh Female Trucker Breaking Gender Stereotypes In The US

gender stereotypes

Mandeep Kaur Dhaliwal, 29, takes tremendous pride in driving her enormous rig crosswise over the United States, transporting merchandise and goods from one part of the country to the next. 

As reported in, she has been an independent truck operator for three years and feels grateful for choosing to join the calling. She is one among the few professional Sikh ladies who earn their bread by driving trucks in the US.

gender stereotypes
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Dhaliwal really loves her job but has noticed people comment that she is a man and not a lady for getting into such an extreme occupation that she does like any other guy. 

She has spanned and carried merchandise from California to Arizona, to Wyoming, and even to New York which is approximately a 3,000-mile trip. 

Hailing from Kapurthala in Punjab, Dhaliwal came to the US in 2013. She lived with her two siblings and initially worked at supermarkets and restaurants for about a year. 

That is the point at which she chose to attempt truck driving and began acquainting herself with truck driving by sitting in the driver’s seat beside her siblings, both of whom are truck drivers. In the end, she got the CDL in the 2015 and from that point forward there has been no looking back for her. 

The percentage of Indian female truckers among American ladies truck drivers is infinitesimal. And Mandeep is proud to be from that miniscule group of Indian Lady truck drivers in the U.S. 

gender stereotypes
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Though at first the possibility of a lady driving long distances interstate without any support, appeared to be testing and extreme, she slowly adjusted to the demands of the calling.

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She carries a compact gas stove in her truck where she makes tea a couple of times each day while on a journey. She also loves listening to Punjabi songs while driving. 

There are still people around who approach her with difference particularly on the grounds of her being a woman. This 29-year-old Sikh lady trucker breaks typical generalizations which people have about women.

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