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“Delhi Crime” – An Unforgettable Web Series About A Shocking Incident

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In India, rape and crime against women are prevalent menaces which hit a new low with one of the most brutal incidents which shook the country – the 2012 Delhi gang rape. The horrifying incident showcased demons in civil society and to what extent demented minds can harm innocent lives. In the past couple of years web series’ have caught up in India and with the success of “Sacred Games”, more and more people are getting hooked to them for entertainment, as well as bold content. Netflix’s “Delhi Crime”, which deals with 2012 barbaric act, is another feather in the cap of Indian original web series.

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The series starts off with the police personnel getting the naked and badly wounded female and male victim at a busy road of Delhi (Mahipalpur) to be precise. The case is personally monitored by Vartika Chaturvedi (Shefali Shah), who is a hard taskmaster. She has a loyal hard working team but has to also deal with uninterested officers, political pressure, media glare, pressure from seniors, and her own family issues. The team works very hard and searches for the rapists across states in adverse situations and gets all of them behind bars.

Though the plot is based on the real incident, the makers have made certain changes to the story and taken cinematic liberties. The series is more from the point of view of the police – their sleepless nights, and their battles against their own system to get the perpetrators behind bars.

Delhi Crime

Richie Mehta and his crew (having Indian and international technicians) have worked extraordinarily well to give the series authenticity and a real-life look and feel. The camerawork, technical aspects, locations have given the series an international standard.

Mehta who is an Indo-Canadian writer and director captured actual locations of the capital city of Delhi where the incident happened. The topic had enough scope to show horrific violent scenes, but he has refrained himself from showing graphical violence and still managed to portray enough discomfort to the audience about the level of insanity done by the criminals.

Delhi Crime

The cast is led by Shefali Shah who gives her best ever performance. She captures the gait, tension, language of a senior woman police officer so well that we forget that she is an actress. The supporting star cast is excellent too and a special mention to Rasika Duggal, Rajesh Tailang, and Gopal Dutt.

Delhi Crime

“Delhi Crime” is a series of 7 episodes and at the end of it one feels disturbed by the crime, yet cannot refrain from praising the efforts of the Delhi Police to nab the criminals in such adverse situations.

Do watch.


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