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Tune In Tuesdays – Param Singh Evokes Memories Of His ‘Sohna Yaar’

Tune In Tuesdays – Param Singh Evokes Memories Of His ‘Sohna Yaar’

Param Singh DISSDASH

He’s an entrepreneur, lyricist, a singer and our Tune-in-Tuesdays artist of the week! Param Singh, a New York-born Punjabi Sikh artist broke the mold of the typical South Asian career path and chose to follow his dream, passion, and talent in music.

Param Singh

Singh achieved great success with the Punjabi song ‘Daru Badnaam’ (2016) and ‘Saza’ (2017). In fact, ‘Daru Badnaam’ became his first ever commercial success and got millions of views on YouTube. With Kamal Kahlon singing alongside, they sure spread the magic and recently toured India with this one!

He gives the credit of his pursuit of music to Kamal Kahlon who helped him recognize that music was always a big part of his life. With him, he has gone ahead to give us more hits like ‘Jhanjar.’ Singh has also worked in Punjabi songs like ‘Saturday Night’ in 2014, ‘Nain’ in 2017, and ‘Judaai’ in 2018.

Param Singh released his latest song, ‘Sohna Yaar,’  earlier in April. It is a ballad with a story that evokes memories of a loved one. The music has tones of jazz playing in the background which makes the song a refreshing change from the other Punjabi songs going around.

Stepping away from the much-hyped party songs, this one is soulful and is perfect for the “me-time” you need. Check it out right here:


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