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Ankiti Bose – The First Indian Female Founder Of A Billion Dollar Company

Ankiti Bose – The First Indian Female Founder Of A Billion Dollar Company

Ankiti Bose

Ankiti Bose, a youthful fashion junkie, is set to become the first Indian female founder of a billion dollar organization called Zilingo. 

In only about four years, this South Asian e-commerce website has developed into a worldwide platform with more than 7 million active clients. After the most recent investment in the brand, the business is presently valued at $970 million. 

The way of Zilingo PTE to turn into a style platform with an evaluation drawing closer to $1 billion started in December 2014. Bose, at that point an analyst at Sequoia India, chatted with Dhruv Kapoor, who was a programming engineer at a gaming studio Kiwi Inc., at a party in Bengaluru, India’s tech capital. She was merely 23 and Dhruv 24. They immediately acknowledged they had correlative abilities and compatible desire to manufacture their very own start-up. Within four months they had quit their jobs, and each put in their savings of about $30,000 to establish Zilingo.

Ankiti Bose & Dhruv Kapoor

They chose to base Zilingo in Singapore to support free and small lifestyle and fashion retailers sell to shoppers directly. They picked this area due to it being one of the biggest manufacturing center points where local people did not sell their items online. 

By March 31st, 2017, Zilingo posted an income of S$1.8 million ($1.3 million USD), which was up from about S$434,000 since its origin in March 2016. This amount grew multiple times in the year and increased fourfold in the April to January period. 

Since the organization began by helping small dealers pitch to their customers, Ankiti Bose and Dhruv Kapoor’s Zilingo ventured into untouched territories. As the organizers managed a huge number of small sized vendors, they understood that many of them needed access to capital, technology, and economies of scale. 

So they expanded their business by creating software and tools to enable merchants to get to production lines from Bangladesh to Vietnam and furthermore help with cross-fringe shipping and stock management. Zilingo has additionally worked with money-related technology firms to give working capital to small vendors to purchase raw materials.

Ankiti Bose

As per Pitchbook, female founders are still uncommon in the worldwide start-up domain. Out of the 239-investment sponsored new businesses around the globe worth $1 billion at least, just 23 have a female founder. Bose is presently a part of a gathering of founders in Southeast Asia who are benefiting from the fast reception of cell phones and rising wages in the region. 

Brought up in India, but due to the nature of Bose’s father’s job, the family continously moved when she was a child. Maybe a blessing in disguise, as she was exposed to various societies and dialects inside the nation. She exceeded expectations as a student, studied economics and maths, and in the end found a coveted occupation with consultancy at McKinsey and Co. in India, where she secured a position in India’s prospering technology, media, and telecom part. 

Zilingo has become a one-stop fashion destination for everyone in Southeast Asia, no matter what their style or mood is. With over 2 million styles from indie labels and local and international brands, this platform is making strides and Ankiti Bose is at the helm of it.

Jasleen Kaur

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