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10 Must Have Songs For Your June Playlist

10 Must Have Songs For Your June Playlist

This June we’ve seen some hot summer jams to have you pumped for that day on the beach or to start up that house party right. Check out our picks of the month that need to be on your playlist now! (In no particular order)

1. ‘Tumi Jaio Na’ by Mumzy Stranger and Master D

This dancehall jam will give you all the island feels. Master D and Mumzy Stranger are putting Bangla urban music on the map with their latest song, ‘Tumi Jaio Na.’


2. ‘Royalty’ by Rhea Raj, Happy Singh and Upside Down

Upside Down does it again, the talented music producer created another hit! This time he’s teamed up with up-and-coming stars Rhea Raj and Happy Singh. The track ‘Royalty’ is hard hitting with a music video that takes you on a wild adventure.


3. ‘Gal Karni’ by Twin Beatz featuring Amar Sandhu, Romey Mann, Gate Citizens, and Push Kahlon

An easy track that is perfect for the long drives to the beach, ‘Gal Karni’ will have you bouncing in your seat to the sweet melody. Bringing together amazing talents from around the world such as GC (Gate Citizens, the Grammy nominated writer and producer known for his reggae, hip-hop, R&B, and EDM music. The video will take you on a trip from Chicago, San Francisco, and New York to Punjab for the track!


4. ‘Mashooqa’ by Neel

Rising artist Neel has such a beautiful quality to his voice, his singing is effortless. The young star has just released a new original track titled ‘Mashooqa.’ He brings a little Bollywood flair to an otherwise Punjabi filled urban desi music scene. Definitely worth a listen!


5. ‘My Moon’ by Amrit Mann and The PropheC

Punjabi artist Amrit Mann teams up with Canadian rockstar The PropheC for this Gaana Originals track. The PropheC brings his classic senti vibes with this lovely romantic track. With sunny skies, coffee dates, and the stunning television actress Mahira Sharma starring in the music video the song tells such a sweet love story all in just 5 minutes.


6. ‘Woh Baarishein’ by Arjun Kanungo

Indian heartthrob Arjun Kanungo just released another romantic jab titled ‘Woh Baarishein.’ Written by Manoj Muntashir, the song was sung by Kanungo with actress Shriya Pilgaunkar starring in the music video as Kanungo’s lady love. In just 9 days the music video has amassed over 18 million views and is perfect for the Indian monsoon starting this June.


7. ‘Mon Juraiya’ by Bilal Shahid

With the rise of Bangla urban music, thanks to the musical genius and pioneer Master D, more and more Bengali artists have the space to shine in the forefront. One such artist is Bilal Shahid, his latest track ‘Mon Juraiya’ blends together some old school Bengali classics in a fresh way.


8. ‘Jhoothiye’ by PBN featuring Raj Bains and Raxstar

For those senti moments this summer, the legendary PBN teams up with Raj Bains and Raxstar to drop a new song titled “Jhoothiye” for those heartbroken souls who need an outlet.

9. ‘Candle’ By Manjit Singh Ft. Rasna

Catchy lyrics as well as beat! Absolutely love this Bhangra tune that will have you dancing. The perfect song for parties and for those summer top down, open window drives.

10. ‘Summer Luv’ By Mickey Singh

We’re wrapping up this June playlist with the ultimate summer love song from Mickey Singh! The catchy jam will have you falling in love this summer as you watch Singh and his (former) lady love, Manpreet Toor dance their way through this gorgeous music video.


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