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Beauty In Balance – Mahendra Singh Foundation Appoints Pritika Swarup As Goodwill Ambassador

Beauty In Balance – Mahendra Singh Foundation Appoints Pritika Swarup As Goodwill Ambassador

beauty in balance
The Mahendra Singh Foundation (MSF) has partnered with model/philanthropist Pritika Swarup, to kick off a unique photo campaign, ‘Beauty in Balance,’ designed to challenge conventionally-held notions of female beauty.
Beauty in Balance
Monica Singh, the founder of MSF and a motivational personality, speaker, humanitarian, is an acid attack survivor and has dedicated her life to changing beauty standards, inspiring younger generations of women to be confident about themselves, and to advocating for a more complete and holistic presentation of beauty in international media.
She says, “I am keen to draw attention to the ‘Beauty in Balance’ campaign because I believe the global beauty industry still has a very narrow definition of female beauty that’s focused on the physical: A perfect body, a perfect face, a perfect look. When people see me, they believe that because of my physical appearance, they need to treat me differently, they put me in a separate category. They don’t realize that by putting me in a separate category, they’re not only making me into the victim I have fought hard against becoming, but they are also upholding the very narrow definition of female beauty that I am fighting to change. When I stand next to Pritika Swarup, it’s of no consequence that she is a supermodel: We are both on the same page, we’re alive, we’re strong, we’re women who believe in change and want to make that change happen for young women everywhere.”
Beauty in Balance
“The initial photos for our ‘Beauty in Balance’ campaign were shot by Barcelona-based photographer Enric Galceran, known for his work in fashion photography and the moving image, in Chinatown, New York, during the course of the 2019 United Nations General Assembly.”
Evidently, as the survivor of an acid attack, one of her most important goals is to empower others like her, especially those who come from less fortunate backgrounds in India and other countries where gender-based violence is prevalent. More than anything, Singh wants those women to feel empowered and confident about themselves.
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