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Riz Ahmed To Debut At The Brooklyn Academy of Music

Riz Ahmed To Debut At The Brooklyn Academy of Music

Brooklyn Academy of Music - Riz Ahmed

The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) recently celebrated 150 years of being a pivotal home for multi-cultural arts in New York.

Known for being a space to bring together adventurous storytellers, audiences and ideas, BAM does music, art, theater, opera, film and much more like no other place in the world. It presents upcoming artists and provides a platform for global dreamers engaged in today’s world of art and activism through it.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music will kick off their spring showcase with a variety of performances in a show called “Yours Theirs Ours.” It will run from March 23rd till June 30th.

Brooklyn Academy of Music - Riz Ahmed

Riz Ahmad will be making his debut at BAM in this special showcase and we cannot wait!!

Ahmad is a musician, activist, actor, and storyteller. His work has spoken for himself over the years. He is the first Muslim to win an Emmy for his lead role in HBO’s “The Night Of.” 

He is more than a rap battle champion in London and a part of the Swet Shop Boys history. His 2018 release of a politically charged song ‘Mogambo,’ is seen as an anthem for survival in our fragile state of global humanity.

David Binder, the organization’s artistic director, explained that the inclusion of new and diverse talent was essential to communicating the theme of the season. “What we’re trying to do is move toward the idea of coming together and providing platforms for artists to express their truths and tell their stories in a world where people are being silenced, disempowered and shut down,” said Mr. Binder in an interview.

The season’s encouraging theme, he added, was inspired by the affirmative message of David Byrne’s “American Utopia” and the song ‘The World Is Yours’ by the rapper Nas.

Get there and experience a live musical show by this multifaceted artist and impactful human at a secret location on April 3rd and 4th as his Brooklyn Academy of Music debut.

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