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In The Time Of Quarantine – StyLush Mom Bijal Vohra Shares Ways To Keep Kids Occupied

In The Time Of Quarantine – StyLush Mom Bijal Vohra Shares Ways To Keep Kids Occupied

Quarantine - Bijal Vohra advice

The boss babe and brains behind StyLush Couture and StyLush Mom, Bijal Vohra, combines Indian aesthetics and designer wear. But in this time of quarantine, she also has some great advice for parents.

Quarantine - Bijal Vohra advice

With the quarantine measure in place how to keep kids at home occupied in the right way? Thank God! There is an answer to this! It is a blessing that we are all living in the age of digital literacy. There are several online resources for fun-based activities, educational activities, and learning modules that can keep a child occupied yet learn something meaningful without being at school. Staying all day at home, kids are bored, and as parents, we are at a loss of ideas and ways that keep them occupied!

Since many kids are/will be home from school, Vohra shared an awesome list of ideas from a parent who homeschools and a pediatrician friend!

Online resources:

– BrainPop

– Curiosity Stream

– Tynker

– Outschool

– Udemy

– iReady

– Beast Academy (Math)

– Khan Academy

– Creative Bug

– Discovery Education

YouTube Channels:

– Crash Course Kids

– Science Channel

– SciShow Kids

– National Geographic Kids

– Free School

– Geography Focus

– TheBrainScoop

– SciShow

– Kids Learning Tube

– Geeek Gurl Diaries

– Mike Likes Science

– Science Max

– SoulPancake

Quarantine -coronavirus

Lots of board games, library books (and Kindle), tinkering/upcycling with household junk, etc.

Some resources to help with kids at home:

Scholastic has created a free learn-from-home site with 20+ days of learning and activities.

Pretend to travel the world..Go on a virtual tour of these 12 famous museums.

This is the awesome free curriculum that we use. Everything from preschool activities to 12th grade is here!

List of thinking games by grade:

More awesome free learning websites:

Thank Bijal – the sites will be very useful in these times of being quarantined!


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