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Tune In Tuesdays – F1rstman Drops ‘Sadke Jawa Ji’

Tune In Tuesdays – F1rstman Drops ‘Sadke Jawa Ji’

This week’s Tune-in-Tuesdays comes to us all the way from the Netherlands from the talented F1rstman! His latest track, ‘Sadke Jawa Ji’ is perfect quarantine music to keep you going during these rough times.


In ‘Sadke Jawa Ji,’ F1rstman talks about how perfect his true love is and how people are jealous of her. In the song, he promises to travel the world with her and the music video does just that. It is an adventure to one of the most beautiful places in the world, Dubai. The Punjabi track has smooth vocals by F1rstman with a touch of Punjabi folk in the chorus. The song was produced by Harun B and the music video was directed by Redjimi.

Hassan Syed, aka F1rstman, is an urban desi artist who was born in Lahore, Pakistan and moved to the Netherlands at the age of 3. He had an interest in music from a young age. He grew up in a diverse community influenced by the Caribbean, Moroccan, and Turkish cultures. The impact of these cultures is present in his music as F1rstman’s tracks are known to encompass a global appeal. The rapper, beatboxer, and singer has even released music that has made it to the mainstream charts in the Netherlands and created music with artists from all over the world.

F1rstman is a unique artist that you definitely shouldn’t sleep on.

Check out the full video for his latest track, ‘Sadke Jawa Ji.’


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