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#ICYMI – 6 Quarantine Friendly Activities Celebrating National Crayon Day!

#ICYMI – 6 Quarantine Friendly Activities Celebrating National Crayon Day!

March 31st was National Crayon Day! Did you know that was a thing?

Neither did we, but you discover some crazy things while in quarantine. With a global pandemic shredding our sanity and fueling our anxieties, we need all the help we can get to stay safe and find ways to stay mentally healthy.

We are taking all the “holiday” spirit we can get and turning this National Crayon day into a Crayon week! We’ve compiled some fun and easy to do crafts and activities for you and your family while staying quarantined. Take this time together to mean something special and make amazing memories with people you love.

1. We’re Going On A Picnic
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In my group therapy sessions, we play a game where the first sentence is “We’re going on a Picnic, and I’m bringing a….” each person adds to the list of things we are bringing but it has to be alphabetical. This means the first person could say “We’re going on a Picnic and I’m bringing an …..Apple” the next person has to repeat that sentence and add that they are bringing an item that begins with the letter B, the next person starts with C, etc. You can easily turn this game into an art project where the next person has to draw the following item.

2. Cooking Together
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Cooking is a beautiful way for children to learn and for adults to bond with their children. Bring the family together to make your favorite dish or dishes and draw it out in a cookbook! Write down your recipes and have the kids draw each ingredient and the finished product.

3. Starry Nights
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Create a starry night with the kids using crayons! Take an all-black table cloth (which you can usually find for $1 at bargain shops) and decorate it with cut out stars and planets you can color, throw in some glitter, glow in the dark stars and even Chrismas lights for extra sparkle. You can tape it to the ceiling and camp out indoors under the stars.

4. Nature Walks
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Grab some crayons, paper, a clipboard or something to lean on and some water, we’re headed for a nature walk! There are so many beautiful colors around us and so many beautiful things to see in nature. This quarantine season takes a minute to truly stop and smell the roses. Take a nature walk through the park and stop to draw whatever inspires you.

5. Illustrate Your own Story
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Work together as a family to write your own book! Each person writes and illustrates 1 sentence of the story, and passes the book along to the next family member to add 1 sentence and illustration to the story. It must connect to the sentence before and be about the same characters but the possibilities are endless of how this story could go. The wackier things get the better!

6. Create a Family Art Gallery
national crayon day
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Pretend that you’ve turned your living room into a fancy art gallery. Have everyone draw their best 2-3 pieces of artwork and write up a mini-biography about themselves. Have each person also write a sentence or two about the artwork itself. Frame and hang the artwork around the living room along with the descriptions and biographies taped to the wall next to the art. Set out some snacks, drinks and light music so you can dress up in your Sunday best and wander the fancy art show!

Let us know how it goes!


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