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Quarantine Update From Hollywood’s South Asian Celebrities

Quarantine Update From Hollywood’s South Asian Celebrities

The coronavirus pandemic has us all cooped up in our houses across the world and our favorite celebs are not an exception to it. A number of celebs have dropped their plans but still doing their best to keep us entertained. In order to maintain sanity during this quarantine period, our South Asian celebs in Hollywood are exploring things which usually they never get time for and entertaining us all in one go. 

Let’s find out what are the celebrities up to during their quarantine:

1. Riz Ahmed 

The famous rapper, who was about to launch his tour named “Long Goodbye”, told his supporters and fans on Instagram that he is prepared to provide entertainment however there would be a twist. It would be now transformed into the “Long Lockdown Festival”. The festival likewise incorporates the release of another music video and hilarious live conversations with Hasan Minhaj, Guz Khan and many more. 

Riz Ahmed In Quarantine
Image Source: Instagram – Riz Ahmed
2. Jameela Jamil 

Jameela has been keeping herself busy during this quarantine by recording her new ‘I Weigh’ podcast and binging on pizza with her boyfriend. Her plans of launching her own activism-based YouTube channel is also expected to be out soon.

3. Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi has been sharing a peek inside her personal life while living in quarantine. The culinary expert has likewise flaunted her ability in the kitchen with yummy recipes and some splendid dance moves which she is learning from her little girl.

4. Hasan Minhaj  

Hasan Minhaj was blessed with his second child during the quarantine and is now spending time with his wife and 2-year-old daughter. While the Netflix show “Patriot Act” is on break, he is coming up with some amazing content each Thursday for “Hasan From a Distance.”

Hasan Minhaj In Quarantine
Image Source: Instagram – Hasan Minhaj
5. Mindy Kaling

From baking her 7th pandemic cake to investing a ton of her energy with her daughter, Mindy Kaling has her game face on. We just can’t wait for her new Netflix show “Never Have I Ever” which will drop on April 27 and is a story of an Indian American adolescent staying in the US. 

Mindy Kaling in Quarantine
Image Source: Instagram – Mindy Kaling
6. Rahul Kohli

He has been truly active on social media, sharing the previews of the games he plays on his PS4 and talking about his plays. His live sessions are way too entertaining to be missed. Check out his next one on April 25th!

Rahul Kohli in Quarantine
Image Source: Instagram – Rahul Kohli

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