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10 Healthy And Delicious Sehri Ideas Ready In 10 Minutes

10 Healthy And Delicious Sehri Ideas Ready In 10 Minutes

easy Sehri meal ideas

The holy month of Ramadan brings with it a fresh wave of festive cheer. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar during which the ‘Quran’ was first revealed.  Muslims around the world observe fasts to celebrate this month-long festival. Ramadan is a time of self-reflection to focus on the soul rather than the body and an opportunity to reconnect with your faith. Fasting, during this period, is seen as a way of instilling self-control. The day starts at the crack of dawn with a meal called ‘Suhoor’ or ‘Sehri’ meal and rounds off by breaking the fast after sunset, followed by an elaborate ‘Iftar’ meal. During the day, people abstain from consuming food or water.

For those staying alone, getting up early in the morning and making a meal for yourself may often seem difficult. So we bring you 10 healthy and delicious Sehri ideas that can be ready in under 10 minutes.

  1. Oatmeal with Chia and peanut butter or berries and chia.Sehri meal ideas
  2. Toasted whole-grain bread with peanut butter and banana.Quick meals
  3. Toasted whole-grain bread with Hummus and spinach and red chili flakes.Quick meals
  4. Boiled eggs over spinach with spicy brown mustard and a side of whole-grain toast.easy Sehri meal ideas
  5. Greek yogurt with berries and granola.Quick meals
  6. Pesto and egg scramble on toast topped with grated Parmesan.Quick meals
  7. Sunnyside up topped with Salsa and shredded cheese over toasted whole grain.Quick meals
  8. Avacado mash over toasted whole grain. Top with pickled onions, eggs, or red chili flakes.Quick meals
  9. Spinach, frozen banana, berries, and Milk of your choice smoothie.Quick meals
  10. Savory oatmeal (quick oats or overnight is your choice) Add white cheddar or sharp cheddar with a bit of milk and stir with the oatmeal. Add diced onion and your choice of peppers. Top with a fried egg.Quick meals

Let us know if you have more ideas and we will add on!

Hira Zubair

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