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Madhuri Dixit Dedicates Debut Single ‘Candle’ To COVID-19 Frontline Warriors

Madhuri Dixit Dedicates Debut Single ‘Candle’ To COVID-19 Frontline Warriors

Madhuri Dixit Candle

After giving us a glimpse of her debut single on her birthday, Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit finally released the song, ‘Candle,’ earlier today.

Madhuri Dixit Candle

Sharing it on her social media handle today, Dixit dedicated the song to the COVID-19 frontline warriors. The video has shots from all over the world of various health workers who are performing their duties amidst the lockdown. As the clip ends, a message flashes which says, “This is dedicated to all those fighting on the frontline. They are the real heroes. We need to burn bright like candles through the hurricane and emerge stronger together.”

Madhuri Dixit wrote on her Instagram, “#Candle Out Now! Happy, excited & a little nervous! Here’s my first ever song, out for all of you to enjoy. #Candle out now exclusively on Facebook and Instagram. Hope you love it as much as we enjoyed creating it!”

Madhuri Dixit Candle

She also said, “‘Candle’ showcases a glimpse of my journey so far, which has been full of surprises, struggles, celebrations, and soul-searching. But the one thing that ties this journey together is love and hope that everything happens for all the right reasons.”

Speaking about her decision of making her singing debut to The Hindu, Madhuri Dixit said: “When I was growing up, music was something that played an integral part in our household. It gave me the inspiration to be a part of so many amazing things in life. So on my birthday, I decided to release the teaser and share the sneak peek of the song with my fans.”

“I thought it was time to give my fans a gift for all the love and support they have showered upon me over the years. We all are going through a difficult time. Hence, we decided that it would be a nice idea to release the song now. The music and its lyrics bring so much positivity and define hope for me. I really wish everybody gets the same vibe from it,” she added.


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