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Get Your Dose Of Indian Homestyle Chicken Curry

Get Your Dose Of Indian Homestyle Chicken Curry

Indian Homestyle Chicken Curry

This Indian homestyle chicken curry is one of the easiest and healthiest recipes that you will find. Yogurt gives a tangy taste and the spices give a pleasant aroma. It is an all-time favorite and is loved by all. It’s not heavy on your plate and makes a wholesome meal when served with staples like rice, roti, naan or paratha.

With minimal spices and masalas, the gravy is not too thick and easily digestible. A quick salad on the side is a great addition to make this your perfect Sunday lunch menu. Do give it a try and tell us how you liked it!

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 25 -30 minutes
Yield: Four servings


Indian Homestyle Chicken Curry ingredients


  1. One pound boneless chicken (cleaned/washed and cut into pieces)
  2. Two cup plain yogurt
  3. One and a half tablespoon ginger  juliennes
  4. One tablespoon garlic juliennes
  5. One teaspoon lemon juice
  6. One teaspoon garam masala powder
  7. Salt to taste
  8. One tablespoon butter
  9. Two teaspoons black peppercorn powder
  10. Two teaspoon chopped mint leaves
  11. One tablespoon fried onions
  12. Four green chilies chopped
  13. One teaspoon chicken curry masala powder
  14. One teaspoon Kasuri methi


  1. Take a pan over medium flame and add butter in it
  2. Once butter is hot enough, add ginger and garlicIndian Homestyle Chicken Curry
  3. Saute for two minutes
  4. Add chicken pieces and mix well for two minutes
  5. Add lemon juice, salt, black peppercorn powder and saute for one minute
  6. Add mint leaves, fried onions, yogurt, green chilies, chicken curry masala powder and mix well
  7. Cook for twenty-five minutes
  8. Add garam masala powder, Kasuri methi and cook for two minutesIndian Homestyle Chicken Curry
  9. Switch off the flame


  1. You can make the consistency (semi gravy or gravy) of the gravy as per your taste.
  2. You can keep the yogurt outside the fridge to make it sourer
  3. You can also add some tomatoes to add color and taste
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