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No Quiero Taco Bell

No Quiero Taco Bell

Taco Bell Mexican pizza

What? Really? Taco Bell has axed the Mexican Pizza?

If you are feeling the same disbelief that we are feeling right now, welcome aboard.

While it’s not the only victim in the latest menu cuts (they’re also nixing the pico de gallo, tostada, and shredded chicken), fans of the Mexican pizza are being very vocal about how disappointed they are that their favorite food chain would do something like this to them. 

After the announcement, a petition was posted on titled “Save the Mexican Pizza.” It already has over 18,500 signatures with people backing the cause with reasons such as “The Mexican pizza has only brought joy to this world. It did nothing to deserve to be eliminated!” and “Hasn’t 2020 been hard enough on us all? Please don’t steal one of the few things that bring joy.”

Mexican food and Indian food have their similarities and the Mexican pizza has been an all-time favorite with South Asians living in the US. For many first or second-generation Indian Americans, it is the very definition of home, synonymous with family bonding and the security that comfort food gives.

So when you see so many South Asians showing their outrage on social media and signing the petition its because they are really hurt. 

And for all those vegetarians out there, the Mexican pizza was their go-to guy.

The fact remains that Taco Bell has flavor, often customizable due to their hot sauce packets, available at varying spice levels. And it’s no secret that we South Asians love spice. It’s worth remembering that Taco Bell is also cheap, great for new immigrant families. 

Taco Bell has said that the packaging for this pizza accounted for more than 7 million pounds of paperboard annually in the US, so its departure will help the fast-food chain inch closer to its sustainability goals.

So those of you who want to get their quota of Mexican pizza from Taco Bell before its gone forever, you have till November 5th to have your share.

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