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Coconut Shrimp Curry – Best Recipe For All Hunger Games

Coconut Shrimp Curry – Best Recipe For All Hunger Games

Coconut Shrimp Curry

Are you craving a delicious meal but don’t have too much time on your hands? Worry not! This delectable and flavor-filled Coconut Shrimp Curry is perfect and can be served with plain or flavored rice.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 – 25 minutes
Yield: Four servings


MarinationCoconut Shrimp Curry

  1. Half pound shrimps – tail off
  2. One teaspoon ginger garlic paste
  3. Quarter teaspoon salt
  4. Half teaspoon red chilli powder
  5. Half teaspoon turmeric
  6. One teaspoon lemon juice

Note: Marinate for 30 minutes

CurryCoconut Shrimp Curry

1. Two tablespoons coconut oil
2. One teaspoon mustard seeds
3. Ten to twelve curry leaves
4. Three to four green chillies – (split into two)
5. One medium-size onion – (crushed/paste in grinder)
6. One teaspoon ginger garlic paste
7. Half teaspoon turmeric
8. Salt to taste
9. Half teaspoon roasted cumin powder
10. Half teaspoon red chilli powder
11. Two medium-size tomatoes – (crushed/paste in grinder)
12. Two cups of coconut milk
13. Two whole red chillies
14. One teaspoon garam masala powder
15. One teaspoon Kasuri methi
16. Half cup of water
17. Cilantro to garnish


1. Take a pan over medium flame and add one tablespoon oil
2. Once the oil is hot enough, add marinated shrimps
3. Saute for seven to ten minutes
4. Take out the shrimps on a plate and keep aside
5. Add another tablespoon of oil and once the oil is hot add mustard seeds and curry leavesCoconut Shrimp Curry
6. After thirty seconds add green chilli and onion
7. Saute until light golden in color and add ginger garlic paste
8. Saute until golden brown in color, then add turmeric, cumin powder, salt, red chilli powder and mix well
9. Add tomatoes and water
10. Cook until tomatoes are soft and start releasing oil
11. Add coconut milk and mix wellCoconut Shrimp Curry
12. Cook for two minutes then add shrimps
13. Cook for five to minutes and then add garam masala powder, Kasuri methi, and whole red chilliesCoconut Shrimp Curry
14. Cook for a minute then switch off the flame
15. Garnish with cilantro


1. You can use any other oil or butter instead of coconut oil
2. In case you don’t have coconut milk, you mix nine to ten teaspoons of coconut milk powder in two cups of water

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