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Let Your Tastebuds Travel To Kashmir With This Chicken Yakhni Pulao

Let Your Tastebuds Travel To Kashmir With This Chicken Yakhni Pulao

Chicken Yakhni Pulao

A flavourful chicken pulao which tastes so delicious. Chicken Yakhni Pulao is a Kashmiri dish made with rice, chicken, and lots of Indian spices that add essence and flavor to it. It’s not so spicy and better enjoyed with raita/salan (salna), and salad. This is scrumptious and satiating and serves as a perfect one-pot meal.

Preparation Time5 minutes
Cooking Time: 60 – 70 minutes
Yield: Four servings


A. Chicken stock (Yakhni) Chicken Yakhni Pulao ingredients

1. One pound Chicken
2. One inch ginger – chopped/sliced
3. Six garlic cloves – roughly chopped
4. One medium-size onion – roughly chopped
5. One teaspoon cumin
6. One and a half teaspoon coriander seeds-crushed
7. One and a half teaspoon fennel seeds
8. Two bay leaves
9. Eight cloves
10. One three-inch-long cinnamon stick
11. Half teaspoon black peppercorns
12. Five green cardamoms
13. One star anise
14. One black cardamom
15. One teaspoon salt
16. Five cups water

B. Pulao Chicken Yakhni Pulao ingredients

1. Two cups of rice
2. One tablespoon oil
3. Two tablespoon butter
4. One cup of sliced onions
5. One teaspoon cumin
6. Seven black peppercorn
7. Six green cardamoms
8. One black cardamom
9. One bay leaf
10. One star anise
11. Two teaspoons ginger-garlic paste
12. Half teaspoon mace powder
13. Half teaspoon nutmeg powder
14. One teaspoon sugar
15. Half cup plain yogurt
16. Four green chilies – slit
17. Four cups of chicken stock
18. One teaspoon garam masala
19. Salt to taste
20. Two teaspoons ghee
21. Cilantro to garnish



1. Take a pan and add all the ingredients mentioned under the Chicken stock
2. Cover with lid and cook for ten minutes on high flame
3. Check the chicken and cook for twenty minutes on low flame.Preparation of Chicken stock
4. Switch off the flame and remove the chicken pieces and keep aside
5. Strain the remaining flavored water using a strainer to get the stock
6. Take a pan over medium flame and add oil and butter in it
7. Add onions and saute until light brown in color
8. Add cumin, black peppercorn, green cardamom, black cardamom, bay leaf, star anise and saute for a minute
9. Add ginger-garlic paste and saute for one to two minutes
10. Add chicken and mix wellChicken Yakhni Pulao process
11. Add mace powder and nutmeg powder
12. Mix sugar in the yogurt and add into the chicken
13. Add green chilies
14. Roast chicken for five minutes
15. Add strained four cups of stock (yakhni) and let it boil
16. Wash the rice and add, mix well
17. Add salt and garam masala
18. Cook on medium flame until dry (water reduced)(around fifteen to twenty minutes)
19. Switch off the flame and add ghee
20. Garnish with cilantro


1. Do not soak the rice for your Chicken Yakhni Pulao

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