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Sandra Saad Brings Ms. Marvel, The 1st Pakistani-American Superhero, To Life

Sandra Saad Brings Ms. Marvel, The 1st Pakistani-American Superhero, To Life

Sandra Saad as Ms. Marvel

Suggesting that the new ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ game is epic is an understatement. While the game begins with the Avengers as the superheroes, their popularity and strength are soon overtaken when Ms. Marvel takes the center stage and steals the show. It is a classic example of one teenage girl’s power, with the stage name, Kamala Khan. But who is the voice behind Ms. Marvel in real life?  Sandra Saad, a first-generation Egyptian American, who refuses to fall into Middle Eastern stereotypes and patiently waited for an opportunity like this, has brought this fantastic character to life.

As a Muslim girl, Saad wanted a stage opportunity that would not mean tokenism but one that would uphold her personality and respect her values. And Marvel’s Avenger game was the perfect opportunity. Kamala Khan presents the struggles of being a first-generation American and the pressures of not fitting in and being accepted as a teenage brown girl, and for Saad, this was very relatable.

Sandra Saad With Marvel Team
Image Source: Instagram of @sandraramzysaad

Ms. Marvel is a heroic character, that of a polymorph. While in human form, she can heal rapidly. She has the power to deform, expand, change, or even compress her entire body or parts of it. Living in Jersey City, Ms. Marvel tries to keep her unusual abilities under control, all the while keeping it a secret from her strict Pakistani parents and trying to save the city. Only her friend Bruno is in the know of her capabilities and powers.

In an interview with The Independent Sandra Saad said, “The great thing about Kamala Khan is she’s not just Muslim. She’s not just Pakistani. She’s not just hopeful. She’s a fully actualized three-dimensional character with a life, a background, and a family. She’s a first-generation American – she’s a lot.”

The storyline of the game goes on to explore an 11-year-old Kamala Khan who wins a fanfiction writing contest hosted by the Avengers. However, a tragic event at the celebration, later known as A-Day, ends in the supposed death of Captain America and thousands of innocent Bay Area residents are either dead or become superpowered “Inhumans.” Khan inherits the power to morph her body into any size, but the Avengers have a fallout.

Five years later, after spending her teen years in research, a 16-year-old Khan is determined to find the truth of what happened that day, and get the Avengers back together.

We are loving the game and the fact that we are seeing a South Asian superhero joining the big league! Sandra Saad’s lively performance is simply the cherry on top.

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