“A Call To Spy” Is The Much Awaited Female Centric War Movie


The year is 1941. Northern France has been captured by German forces. Britain is desperate and Churchill orders his newly formed spy agency, Special Operations Executive (SOE), to start enlisting civilian women to be trained as spies. Their mission is to build resistance and sabotage efforts of the growing Nazi regime in France. Based on true stories and directed by Lydia Dean Pilcher, “A Call To Spy” is about two such women – Virginal Hall (Sarah Megan Thomas) and Noor Inayat Khan (Radhika Apte). Recruited by Vera Atkins (Stana Katic), these women show nothing but courage and prove themselves against all odds.

Sarah Megan Thomas as Virginia Hall in A Call To Spy
Image Source: IFC Films

Hall is an ambitious woman who belongs to a wealthy American family from Baltimore. She lives in London and aspires to be a diplomat but gets rejected by the US government due to a disability – she has a wooden leg. Undeterred, when she gets offered a chance to become a spy and fight on the right side of history, she finally finds her life’s purpose. Her patriotism, courage, and intelligence help several efforts of the French Resistance against the Nazi forces.

Radhika Apte as Noor Inayat Khan in A Call To Spy
Image Source: IFC Films

Khan is the daughter of an American woman and an Indian man whose mother descended from royalty. Born in Russia and raised in France, she also happens to be the best wireless operator in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force in England. She seems like the perfect inconspicuous candidate for the SOE, with just one catch – she was raised as a pacifist. When asked by Atkins about her thoughts on joining the war effort, Khan’s response is that she wishes to see more high-ranked Indian officials in the British military to help bridge the gap between the British and the Indian people.

Stana Katic as Vera Atkins in A Call To Spy
Image Source: IFC Films

Vera Atkins is by title just a secretary to the head of the SOE – Maurice Buckmaster, but unofficially runs SOE operations and recruits female spies. Born a Jew, she has but one dream, to become a British citizen, and dedicates her life to her work hoping it will pay off one day.

All three characters have ordinary yet special stories of their own, however, when they come together, it is nothing less than powerful. The women who play these roles have done a phenomenal job in bringing life to their respective characters. Award-winning producer, writer, and actress, Sarah Megan Thomas stars as Virginal Hall in “A Call To Spy” and steals the show with her performance and through her portrayal of one of American’s most legendary spies in World War II. Stana Katic is perfect as Vera Atkins who on the outside has the bold demeanor of a spy recruiter but on the inside is just a scared Jew immigrant afraid of deportation. 

Image Source: IFC Films

That brings us to our very own (South Asian actor), Radhika Apte. She is well known for her award-winning roles in Bollywood mainstream as well as independent and international films (“Lust Stories,” “Andhadhun,” “Pad Man”). Her role as Noor Inayat Khan in “A Call To Spy” creates a sense of pride in the South Asian community and we can’t wait to see her grow as an internationally celebrated actor. 

This incredible and inspiring movie put together by a team of brilliant female artists – writer, producer, director, and lead actors – is out in theaters from today, October 2nd, 2020, and is definitely worth the watch!

P.S. – Click here to watch our exclusive interview with the star of the movie, Sarah Megan Thomas.

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