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Tune In Tuesdays – Rishi Rich And Jay Sean Show Off Their ‘Nakhre’

Tune In Tuesdays – Rishi Rich And Jay Sean Show Off Their ‘Nakhre’

Jay Sean Rishi Rich NAKHRE

British Asian legend, Jay Sean is recreating the good old days with his partner in crime, aka music producer, Rishi Rich! The boys are back with a new hit, ‘Nakhre,’ our Tune-in-Tuesdays of the week.

Sean and Rich attempt to recreate the magic of their work from the early 2000s when the duo pioneered the urban desi music genre. Rich was an established music producer when he discovered a young Sean with a passion for rap. Sean impressed him with his freestyle skills and witty wordplay. It was no surprise that Rich roped him in for the Rishi Rich Project. From ‘Dance With You’ to ‘Stolen’ and ‘Eyes On You,’ Sean rapidly became a star with an international fan base. The Rishi Rich Project included not just Sean and Rich, but also artists like Juggy D, H-Dhami, Mumzy Stranger, and Veronica all of whom paved the road for the blossoming urban desi genre of music we have today. Rich and Sean saw many ups and downs in their careers but they steadily rose through mainstream music to establish themselves internationally as artists. Sean was signed to Cash Money Records for some time, launching his career in mainstream music in America while Rich quietly made his mark working with legends like American producers Timbaland and Teddy Riley. The British Asian artists even worked in Bollywood creating music for film soundtracks.

For their latest track, ‘Nakhre,’ the boys take us back to the beginning of their careers. The track is reminiscent of Sean’s hits like ‘Eyes On You.’ Sampling the iconic flute of ‘Tere Chehre Pe’ from the film “Baazigar” Sean and Rich pay tribute to classic 90s Bollywood music. Rich composed the track along with Sean, Kiranee, and Xanda. Rich also produced and mixed the song. Sean and Kiranee wrote and laid the vocals for the track in English and Punjabi. ‘Nakhre’ is the first time Sean sings in Punjabi on a record.

The music video is also filled with nostalgia as it pays tribute to the Bollywood king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan. Shooting a video during the pandemic was difficult, so these stars had to get creative. Sean is featured in the video singing as he walks down the streets to Edison, New Jersey, a predominantly South Asian town in Jersey. The latter half of the video veers off into a fantasy where an animated Sean plays out iconic scenes from Khan’s greatest hits. A light-hearted and upbeat track, ‘Nakhre’ is bound to be an instant classic.

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