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Sunita Mani – An Icon For Every Aspiring Indian-American Actor

Sunita Mani – An Icon For Every Aspiring Indian-American Actor

Sunita Mani

Sunita Mani checks almost all celebrity boxes. She is an actress, comedian, and dancer. While she made her debut as Trenton in the USA Network television series, ‘Mr. Robot,’ her fans have watched her rise to fame over the years. In 2020, fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of her two feature roles in “Evil Eye” and “Save Yourselves.”

The young and humorous actress was born in 1986. She graduated from Dickson County High School in 2004 before heading on to secure a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in writing, literature, and publishing at Emerson College in Boston. Just like most actresses, her young career started at the grassroots.

She started honing her skills as a standup comedian while still in college. Upon graduation, she joined Upright Citizens Brigade, where she received improvisational comedy training. Mani would later join the Cocoon Central Dance Team, where she fine-tuned her skills as a dancer.

Sunita Mani
Image Source: Instagram via @sunitamani

Most fans first came into contact with her during her appearance in MTV’s ‘Writer’s Block’ and in Burger King Commercials. As for her dancing career, her appearance in the DJ Snake’s ‘Turned Down for What’ music video brought her more exposure. She played the role of the girl with the funky dance moves in an already bizarre but entertaining music video.

Today, she is renowned as Artie Premkumar in Netflix’s series ‘GLOW,’ which has been running since 2017.  The series is set around a women’s wrestling league and the drama around it. However, Mani has been seen to take up diverse roles, from her comedic role in “Save Yourselves” to a thriller role in “Evil Eye.”

Save Yourselves
Image Source: Instagram via @saveyourselvesmovie

In “Save Yourselves,” she plays the role of Su, who is fed up with a complicated relationship with her boyfriend and their over-reliance on technology and social media. With the aim of saving their relationship and keeping away from technology, they both decide to switch off their phones and head out to a friend’s cabin for the weekend. Little did they know that fluffy but dangerous aliens would invade the earth during their getaway. The story hilariously shows us how they survive in an apocalyptic world against these feisty aliens.

The limelight on the career of Sunita Mani is only the beginning, and her fans can only expect more from her in the future. Any aspiring Indian-American actor would want to emulate her path. Watch out for her!

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