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Honey Garlic Chicken Is The Perfect Savory Dish With Sweet Notes

Honey Garlic Chicken Is The Perfect Savory Dish With Sweet Notes

Honey Garlic Chicken is the perfect dish to have when you feel like eating something savory with sweet notes. It tastes delicious and is extremely easy to cook.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 25 -30 minutes
Yield: Two servings


Honey Garlic Chicken Ingredients

1. Five chicken legs (thighs and drumsticks)
2. Two teaspoons garlic paste
3. One teaspoon ginger paste
4. Three-quarter cup of soy sauce
5. Two tablespoon honey
6. Half a teaspoon of black peppercorn powder
7. One teaspoon of all-purpose seasoning
8. Two tablespoon lemon juice
9. One teaspoon red chili flakes
10. One teaspoon paprika
11. Salt to taste
12.Two tablespoons  of any oil
13. One tablespoon dry parsley



Honey Garlic Chicken Marination

1. Wash and clean the chicken and apply deep cuts over chicken legs pieces
2. Take a bowl and add soy sauce, garlic paste, ginger paste, honey, lemon juice, red chili flakes, paprika, black peppercorn powder, salt and mix well
3. Add chicken legs in the bowl of mixture and mix well
4. Cover the bowl and set aside for three hours.


Honey Garlic Chicken Process

1. Take a pan over medium flame and add oil
2. Add chicken to it and roast for five minutes
3. Add half of the mixture to chicken and cook for fifteen minutes
4. Add remaining mixture to chicken and cook for ten minutes
5. Add all-purpose seasoning and parsley and mix well
6. Cook for three more minutes.
7. Switch off the flame and serve your Honey Garlic Chicken hot.


1. Apply deep cuts over the chicken legs pieces so that flavor is soaked into the flesh
2. You can adjust the quantity of lemon juice, honey, and chili as per your taste 

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