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Tune In Tuesdays – Muza, Sanjoy D, & Russell Ali Bring Us ‘Chuup Chaap Thaaki’

Tune In Tuesdays – Muza, Sanjoy D, & Russell Ali Bring Us ‘Chuup Chaap Thaaki’

Muza - Chuup Chaap Thaaki

Bangladeshi American singer Muza teamed up with his fellow Bangladeshi hit-makers, music producers Sanjoy D and Russell Ali for his latest single, ‘Chuup Chaap Thaaki.’ The uptempo ballad about unrequited love is our Tune-in-Tuesdays of the week!

The track is unique in that it doesn’t sample Bollywood soundtracks as is the norm for many urban desi tracks.

“No loops or samples were used. Everything is original and all of us worked hard to make it” Muza said.  “I would proudly say there is no other Bangla song like this. With a mix of categories in genre and sound and a great storyline. This is for all the broken-hearted people that are still in love with the people that hurt them.”

Apparently, the whole song was inspired by one line, “chuup chaap thaaki, ar dekhi tor mishti hashi” [I silently watch your sweet laugh].

“Originally it was about winning a girl and then became about being in love with a ‘hoe'” explained Muza.

The track was written by Muza and Raz Dee. When Ali and Sanjoy D were presented with the track by Sharaf of Qinetic Music, the duo instantly felt connected to the song.

“I immediately fell in love with the lyrics and the melody,” Sanjoy D says. “I knew exactly where to go with the production and how to bring a new edge to the record.”

‘Chuup Chaap Thaaki’ marks the first collaboration between the trio, and hopefully, it’s not the last. The three artists instantly formed a deep connection and expressed respect and appreciation for each other’s talents. Muza being the youngest of the trio described Sanjoy D and Ali as “one of a kind” artist.

“I got to see Russell record that guitar solo at the end of the song which gave me goosebumps. And Sanjoy’s creativity is out of this world,” said Muza. “Let’s not also forget about Sharaf who was in the studio making sure every word was pronounced correctly. Huge shoutout to Raz Dee for helping with the lyrics.”

Muza may still be a fresh face to the industry but his consistent release of content keeps this young star at the top of everyone’s playlist. A poet at heart, Muza’s skills lie in his ability to pen catchy yet meaningful lyrics. He has already collaborated with urban desi artists like Nish and Pavvan, Bangladeshi social media star Tawhid Afridi, and the Bangla Urban king himself, Master D. Muza is currently working to explore his own versatility with Western music to appeal to the mainstream music scene.

Sanjoy D similarly has dabbled in the urban desi music scene as well as tackling the mainstream music world with his partner-in-crime, Ali. The Bengali producer and DJ from San Jose, CA, has an uncanny ability to create something brilliant from seemingly unrelated genres like blending old school Bollywood with a bit of EDM. Sanjoy D has worked with the likes of Sunidhi Chauhan and Bollywood producers such as Pritam and brothers Salim and Sulaiman. He has also worked with American Idol stars like Elliot Yamin and even the K-pop group Got7.

Ali is a former lead guitarist and keyboard player of Bangladeshi rock band Warfaze and currently a successful LA-based music producer. The talented guitarist was touring the world until his son was born and he chose to switch careers to production. He has worked with the likes of Demi Lovato, and Travis Barker. Along with Sanjoy D, Ali has also worked to create content for social media stars like Jacob Sartorius, Carson Leuders, Christian Delgrosso, Sofie Dossi, and Amanda Cerny.

Working through COVID has been a new experience for everyone, and in the music world, it brings its own unique challenges.

“We all took COVID tests and stood six feet apart and put Muza in a different room and it all worked out,” jokes Ali.

Thankfully the team was able to start production just before COVID changed the rules of the game.

“Russell and I have a studio together so we followed all the COVID protocols while working through this quarantine,” Sanjoy explains. “Muza was able to come down to LA from New York and quarantine before we hit the studio to record the final vocals and mix the record.”

‘Chuup Chaap Thaaki’ is a song that all listeners will relate to on some level. It relays a message of valuing yourself and others.

“I think the best thing I can ask people to take from this is to not take things for granted,” said Ali, “and be grateful while you have them and not to wait until it’s gone.”

The music video stars Partho Sheikh and Rothshi Siddika who beautifully tell a story of unrequited love. Take a look at ‘Chuup Chaap Thaaki’ below!

Stay tuned folks as a second video by Iqbal and Sadia Ali will be released soon featuring the artists themselves!

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