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Priyanka Chopra What’s Next? A Romantic Drama With Sam Heughan & Celine Dion

Priyanka Chopra What’s Next? A Romantic Drama With Sam Heughan & Celine Dion

Priyanka Chopra

So what’s next for Priyanka Chopra in Hollywood? A romantic drama with Sam Heughan (“Outlander”), tentatively titled “Text for You” along with music icon Celine Dion (‘My Heart Will Go On’ from “Titanic”).

As reported in Deadline the film is inspired by the 2016 German-language box office hit “SMS Fur Dich,” which is based on Sofie Cramer’s popular novel. It’s about a woman who, to ease the pain after tragically losing her fiancé, starts to send romantic texts to his old cell. It turns out, the phone number has been reassigned to a man across town suffering from similar heartbreak. The two meet and feel an undeniable connection, but can’t seem to leave the past behind. In this English language remake, the music and influence of Dion gives them the courage to take a chance on love again.

Priyanka Chopra
Image Source: Instagram via @priyankachopra

Priyanka Chopra is also slated to begin a new project with Mindy Kaling. Talking recently about it on her social media, Kaling said, “Priyanka is so smart. It’s been wonderful working with her.” She then revealed that their upcoming film will see a mix of two contrasting cultures come together. Kaling said, “I just finished the script. The movie takes place in New York and India. She and I have such a funny dynamic in it, I can’t wait to make it.”

PeeCee’s upcoming projects include “The Matrix 4,” Russo Brother’s “Citadel,” Netflix’s adaptation of the Man Booker Prize-winning novel “The White Tiger,” and “We Can Be Heroes,” directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Sharing the news on her social media the actress wrote, “So excited to kick start this amazing movie with such incredible people! Jim Strouse, Sam Heughan, Celine Dion. It’s my honor. Let’s gooooo!”

Earlier in the month, she had shared that her memoir, Unfinished, had become the best-selling book on Amazon US, within 12 hours of being made available for pre-order. “Thank you all for taking us to number 1 in the US in less than 12 hours! I hope you all love the book,” she had Tweeted.

One thing is for sure, no matter what life seems to throw at this multi-talented woman, she sure knows how to rise above the rest.

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