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DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with Monty Kataria | Episode 4

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with Monty Kataria | Episode 4

#TuneInTuesdays On today’s Tune-in-Tuesdays we look at some music video tidbits from the world of Bollywood, urban desi, and the global South Asian independent scene all creatively curated just for you! We talk about the music, the artist, some technicalities and help you judge for yourself whether you really need to give it your time on Youtube or not.

1. F1rstman & Hosai – Desi Mashup 3 ft, H Dhami, Tymore, Muki & Haseeb Haze (Prod. by Harun B)

OK – you have Lift Karadey x Bure Bure x Gora Gora Rang x Dola re Dola and many more on the same track with this European flavor – you press play – AGAIN.

Harun B did a dope job in putting together this production and compiling some of the latest hits and classics in F1rstman’s Desi Mashup 3. Hosai – girl – your smile, them moves – along with very impressive vocals – thank you 🙂 Muki and Haseeb bring it down with them slow vibes with H Dhami right after doing what he does best adding that Bhangra twist and possibly my favorite as well 🙂 We give F1rstman & Hosai – Desi Mashup 3 ft, H Dhami, Tymore, Muki & Haseeb Haze (Prod. by Harun B) – 3.5 winks Watch the official video on At F1rst Music’s Youtube channel!


AP Dhillon’s BROWN MUNDE released about 3 months ago and has hit over 16 million YouTube already. Easily one of the most trending tracks in the final quarter of 2020 with radio and club play all over the world including India. (Brown Munde album artwork) Fast forward – Saada Pyaar is a lyrical treat. Shoutouts Shinda Kahlon Listen to this. Watch this. Hear the words. Red Solo Cups x Black Rolls Royces do it for me as well 🙂 Only 1 small thing – if you have a nice fancy container for alcohol and glasses – put some daaru in there 🙂 We give SAADA PYAAR – 4 winks Watch the official video on Run up Records’ Youtube channel!

3. KR$NA Ft. Rashmeet Kaur – Living Legend

Krsna – part of the Kalamkaar crew under Raftaar and Ankit Khanna has been very consistent with his releases so far in the Desi Hip Hop scene so this was supposed to be a big one. Living Legend with Krishna and Rashmeet Kaur pumps you the f up. Hindi enunciation, subliminal, smooth ass flow – this is Krsna for you. Rashmeet Kaur – a breath of fresh air and kills it on the hook – again pumps u the f up. Closed Captions on if Hindi or Urdu is not your first language 🙂 We give LIVING LEGEND – 3 winks Watch the official video on KRSNA’s Youtube channel!

4. Cryosis – You Make Me

Cryosis took me on a trip with You Make Me. Before we even get to the meat – I want to drop a huge shoutout to Siddhant Mishra – for the Direction, Video Compositing & Editing. And another to Kayla Dunham for the incredible Character Illustrations. Animation: Thunder Medusa Character Illustration: Kayla Dunham This ‘Western’ animation has a storyline and execution than most big-budgeted music videos and labels – something of that sort which we’ll share with you right after this one. Cryosis is an Electronic/Alternative Pop band from Mumbai, India Aakanksha Hejmadi, Siddhant Mishra & Sangeet Patnaik. We give YOU MAKE ME – 3.5 winks Watch the official video on Cryosis’ Youtube channel!

5. Veham Song: Armaan Malik | Asim Riaz, Sakshi Malik | Manan Bhardwaj | Rashmi Virag | Bhushan Kumar

Just like every other Tseries track – the song is not that bad at all – honestly. But the video – it’s bad. Veham is voiced by Armaan Malik – easily one of the finest vocalists of our time – at least in the Hindi Film Industry. “Mera BF banjaa – pls banjaa – mujhe apne BF ko jealous karvaana hai” I really don’t get it. Asim Riaz is a good looking dude – I will give that – but he’s not a good actor. There’s a point when he is felt upon by Sakshi Malik – and he closes his eyes in awe. Only to find out it’s actually just a painting of her – that maybe he drew. Again, I really don’t get it. For a second or maybe two – I was getting involved – but then again, feels like this was made for TikTok and not YouTube. We give VEHAM – 2.5 winks Watch the official video on T-Series’ Youtube channel!

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