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White House Action Movies Pale Before The Domestic Terrorism We Saw On Capitol Hill

White House Action Movies Pale Before The Domestic Terrorism We Saw On Capitol Hill

White House Action Movies Pale Before The Domestic Terrorism We Saw On Capitol Hill

Yes. You read that right. The world including all the movie buffs who love watching those ‘White House attacked by terrorists’ films were left shocked when hundreds of Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill yesterday. It all looked so well planned and so very dramatic! (Please note – they even had special merc for the occasion). The ballots were being counted to ratify Trump’s successor Joe Biden and the lawmakers were taken by surprise as protestors stormed in from all sides.

This was unprecedented.

This is what true domestic terrorism looks like.

This is definitely NOT patriotism.

Skeptics have long been wondering what antics Donald Trump would come up with when he will be officially required to relinquish the White House. And if yesterday’s attack on Capitol Hill is something to go by, we have much worse to see. These protesters have been continuously egged on by the President of America through his social media rants – so much so that they truly believed that they could storm the electoral process and democracy itself would bow down before their might.

But you know what – Capitol Hill was taken over by privileged protestors. And if you are asking why, I am sure you were living under a rock during the whole #BlackLivesMatter protests. The kind of response people saw during these protests – even when they were peaceful – was very different from what we saw yesterday. In fact, the whole movement started because of the huge difference that we so often see – the difference in how a black person is treated for so much as turning his head in a particular way and how a bunch of white people bent on vandalizing a ‘high security’ institute were treated.

So it was not surprising to see many people point this out on social media. The difference is so glaring.

Local authorities have announced that four people died after the mob of Trump supporters entered the Capitol building and engaged with riot police on Wednesday afternoon as Congress held a joint session to count the 2020 Electoral College votes. Both chambers of Congress recessed debate after the mob forced a lockdown at the Capitol and the evacuation of lawmakers and VP Mike Pence. Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered that the city will be under a state of public emergency until January 21st.

With disapproval coming in from all ends, lawmakers, political commentators, and the National Association of Manufacturers have called for the removal of President Trump from office, citing the 25th Amendment, after this violence that clearly shows that the president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties” of the office.

FYI – all social media accounts of Donald Trump have been temporarily suspended to prevent further instigation.

As January 20th draws closers, we hope we don’t see any more such shows of patriotism.

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