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Dip Into This Hot Sambar To Wash Away Your Winter Woes

Dip Into This Hot Sambar To Wash Away Your Winter Woes

Dip Into This Hot Sambar To Wash Away Your Winter Woes

Sambar is a popular South Indian and Sri Lankan dish. It is a healthy lentil-based vegetable stew made with pigeon pea, vegetables of your choice with a touch of tangy tamarind and coconut. It is best enjoyed with idli, dosa, medu vada, and rice. 

Preparation Time: 5 – 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 45 – 55 minutes
Yield: Six servings


Hot South Indian Sambar Ingredients

1. Three teaspoons raw tamarind – soaked in a cup of hot water for ten minutes and then drained
2. Two and a half cup bottle gourd (lauki) – chopped
3. Three-quarter cup cauliflower – chopped
4. Half cup green beans – chopped three-inch-long
5. Two teaspoons organic jaggery
6. Two-three green chopped green chillies
7. Seven-nine curry leaves
8. One small-sized onion – chopped
9. One medium-size tomato – chopped
10. Four teaspoon coconut flakes
11. Salt to taste
12. Three teaspoon sambhar masala
13. One cup toor (pigeon pea) dal – washed and soaked for ten minutes
14. Water as needed


Hot South Indian Sambar Ingredients

1. Three teaspoon coconut oil
2. Two teaspoon mustard seeds
3. Two whole dried red chilli
4. Six curry leaves
5. Half teaspoon red chilli powder


1. Take a pressure cooker over medium flame and add bottle gourd, cauliflower, and green beans
2. Add onion and tomatoes
3. Add jaggery, turmeric powder, one teaspoon sambar masala, green chillies, one teaspoon salt, and curry leavesHot South Indian Lentil Stew Making Process
Add drained tamarind extract, half cup water, and mix well
5. Cover the cooker with a lid (a whistle is not required, so only cover it) and cook for ten to fifteen minutes
6. Add toor dal, one teaspoon of sambar masala, coconut flakes, two cups of water, and mix well
7. Close the lid and cook until three to four whistle
8. Open the lid and check if daal and vegetables are cooked completelyHot South Indian Sambar Making Process
9. One cooked, add one teaspoon of sambar masala, and let it simmer for two minutes
10. Add salt if needed
11. Add the tempering and mix well
12. Switch off the flame and serve hotSouth Indian lentil with vegetables


1. Take a small (tadka) pan over medium flame and add coconut oil
2. Once the oil is hot enough, add whole dried red chillies, mustard seeds, curry leaves
3. Saute for one minute and switch off the stove
4. Add red chilli powder and mix well


1. Add water as per your required consistency
2. You can add any vegetables of your choice like carrots, drumsticks
, pumpkin, eggplant, radish, okra, etc.

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