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“Tribhanga” Is A Fun Tale Of Twisted Lives Of Mothers & Daughters

“Tribhanga” Is A Fun Tale Of Twisted Lives Of Mothers & Daughters

"Tribhanga" Is A Fun Tale Of Twisted Lives Of Mothers & Daughters

“Tribhanga” is the story of three generations of strong-willed women whose lives couldn’t be more different from each other but are intertwined in a way that cannot be undone. Written and directed by Renuka Shahane, the Netflix original movie shows us how estranged mother Nayan and daughter Anu are brought together when fate takes an unfortunate turn.

Nayantara Apte (Tanvi Azmi), a young ambitious writer in the ‘80s, takes the bold step of divorcing her husband and raising their kids on her own. Her unconventional decisions inadvertently impact her children’s lives negatively without her realizing it. Anuradha ‘Anu’ (Kajol) and Robindro (Vaibhav Tatwawaadi) grow up despising their mother and eventually cut all ties with her. When they find out she’s in a coma, they rush to her side but Anu still blames her mother for destroying her life. 

The story develops as other important characters are introduced. Anu’s daughter Masha (Mithila Palkar) is married into a traditional and conservative family and chooses to live her life in a very different way from her mother and grandmother. Milan (Kunaal Roy Kapur) is the person helping Nayan write her autobiography and is detested by her family who think he’s in it for the money and fame. 

Anu’s and Milan’s interactions are comical despite the grim circumstances. Kajol has delivered confident acting as always and Kunaal Roy Kapur is entertaining as a shudh Hindi-speaking simpleton. The movie moves at a perfect pace through two time periods and every actor has done justice to their role including Mithila Palkar as Kajol’s daughter. The credit goes to Renuka Shahane who was a known face on Indian television in the ‘90s. “Tribhanga” is her Hindi directorial debut and she has done a wonderful job with it. We wish her the best in her career ahead and look forward to seeing other such masterpieces from her.

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