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DissDash Presents Tune-in-Tuesdays With Monty Kataria | Episode 7

DissDash Presents Tune-in-Tuesdays With Monty Kataria | Episode 7

DissDash Presents Tune-in-Tuesdays With Monty Kataria | Episode 7

DissDash Presents Tune-in-Tuesdays With Monty Kataria | Episode 7

On today’s Tune-in-Tuesdays we look at some music video tidbits from the world of Bollywood, urban desi, and the global South Asian independent scene all creatively curated just for you! We talk about the music, the artist, some technicalities and help you judge for yourself whether you really need to give it your time on Youtube or not.

Hip Hop/Independent

1. ‘Drift’ – Cartel Madras

Sisters Priya “Contra” Ramesh and Bhagya “Eboshi” Ramesh are two queer women of color from Calgary, Canada originally from MADRAS aka Chennai, India. Drift got bars. Drift got greens. Drift got them Cartel Madras – Goonda Queens. There’s a reason I don’t rap – but these gold girls are definitely putting us on the map. With influences from the likes of MIA, Scarface, and Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs it does not seem like they’ve only been in the scene for the past 2-3 years. Cartel Madras both direct and perform DRIFT in their latest release with Sub Pop. Take a few hits – increase the volume – spread the vibe – bump DRIFT. This is GOONDA. THIS IS BROWN. THIS IS GOLD. AS A MA-FUFFER. We give Drift – by Cartel Madras – 4 winks Watch the official video on Cartel Madras’ Youtube channel!

Urban Desi/Punjabi

2. The PropheC | ‘Solace/Sambh’ – @prophecproductions

OK – Holy Ish – The man, the myth, the legend – The PropheC welcomes 2021 beautifully. Senti SZN is upon us again – ek vaari hor! Music, Lyrics, Composition, Video, VFX – shoutouts Hector Toro and FuryVFX – this has it all. Solace/Sambh switches vibes like 6/9 switches sides – but in a positive manner. This video is taken from The PropheC’s brand new EP – Solace which has an unmissable track featuring the living legend Sardool Sikander as well. A lot of people claim that Mr. PropheC is underrated and that his videos are monotonous – the latter half of this statement changes with this one and honestly – I’m perfectly fine with him being underrated if there are drops and visuals like this on a regular basis 🙂 We give Solace/Sambh – by @prophecproductions – 4.5 winks Watch the official video on The Prophec’s Youtube channel!


3. ‘Pagal Nahi Hona’ – @sunanda_ss x @sonu_sood | @jaani777

Jaani’s lyrics in the form of Shayari are taking over YouTube these days – some all right and some honestly not all that. Top it off with Sonu Sood’s expression-less personification as an overexcited individual – the video does not seem that promising. But, Sunanda Sharma – thank you for saving the day. I’ve been a fan of Sunanda since ‘Patake Paun Nu’ and she looks absolutely stunning in all her different avatars here including but def. Not limited to her voice, acting, and projection. Sonu Sood is a great human but he just looks too old for the character that he is trying to portray and not convincing enough. Mahi Sandhu & Joban Sandhu as the directors and Video done by : B2gether Pros alongside DOP : Anurag Solanki make this magical given that the music by Avvy Sara is pretty plain and simple. Don’t give it a complete miss – but hear this more than watch it 🙂 We give 2. Pagal Nahi Hona – @sunanda_ss x @sonu_sood | @jaani777 – 3 winks Watch the official video on Mad 4 Music’s Youtube channel!

4. ‘Royalty’ – The Musical Doc Our final video for today is ‘Royalty’ by The Musical Doc. Check out our exclusive interview what the start herself has to say about the song!

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