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Looks Like Season 2 Of ‘Metro Park’ Is Going To be A Laughter Riot

Looks Like Season 2 Of ‘Metro Park’ Is Going To be A Laughter Riot

Metro Park season 2 - review - Kalpesh Patel & Payal Patel

The cast of ‘Metro Park’ is back with yet another seriously funny season in a non-pandemic world (feels like a distant memory, doesn’t it?). Season 2 kicks off with an auspicious naming ceremony in a traditional South Indian setting. But by the end of the first episode, things aren’t looking quite as auspicious for Kalpesh.

Ranvir Shorey couldn’t be more hilarious as Kalpesh Patel who is a frustrated husband, father, and store owner. His seamless delivery of funny dialogues and punchlines in a Gujarati accent with a straight face and distressed expressions will make you root for Kalpesh and appreciate Shorey’s flawless acting.

Purbi Joshi as Payal Patel lights up the room in every scene. Payal’s optimistic take on life, and her calm yet assertive demeanour as a wife and mother makes her the perfect counterpart to Kalpesh. Omi Vaidya as Kannan is the ultimate misfit in this New Jersey-based Gujarati family. No matter what Kannan tries to do or how good his intentions are, his actions somehow always backfire. Vaidya has been a well-known and well-liked face on Indian and American television for over 15 years, be it in “3 Idiots” or ‘The Office.’ Vega Tamotia as Kinjal (Payal’s sister and Kannan’s wife) plays a graceful new mom who finds herself questioning her life choices as she deals with Kannan’s daily quirks. Pitobash as Bittu is that assistant every store owner needs because life would be too boring if everything always went well.

As the rest of the season unfolds, viewers will get to see guest appearances by Sarita Joshi, Vasant Patel and the heartthrob Milind Soman. An Eros Now original series, created by Abi Varghese and Ajayan Venugopalan, ‘Metro Park’ season 2 is that subtle riot which is a sure shot entertainer for the entire family.

Check out our exclusive interview with Ranvir Shorey, Omi Vaidya, and Milind Soman and listen to what they had to say about their experiences while shooting for ‘Metro Park’ through the pandemic.

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