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Lady Whistledown’s Newest Target Is South Asian – Welcome To ‘Bridgerton’ “Kate Sharma”

Lady Whistledown’s Newest Target Is South Asian – Welcome To ‘Bridgerton’ “Kate Sharma”

Lady Whistledown's Newest Target Is South Asian - Welcome "Kate Sharma" To 'Bridgerton'

Season 2 of the much-awaited ‘Bridgerton’ series is coming soon on Netflix and “Kate Sharma” is the leading lady of the show. And what’s even better news is that Simone Ashley, an actress of South Asian descent has been chosen to play the role. This is the kind of representation we like!

Based on the book series by best-selling American historical romance author, Julia Quinn, the ‘Bridgerton’ series has eight books and with the kind of diverse casting that the show saw in its first season, the expectations just keep on rising.

We are excited that Simone Ashley will play Kate Sharma (originally named Kate Sheffield in Julia Quinn’s novel). Readers of the Bridgerton series will already know how iconic Kate is and how much she impacts Anthony Bridgerton. According to Deadline, Kate and her family “were conceived by the series’ producing team as being of Indian descent in a continuation of the reimagined, multi-racial world of 1880s London’s high society.’”

Netflix and Shondaland confirmed the casting news on February 15, teasing that Ashley would be the eldest Bridgerton son’s new love interest. “Kate is a smart, headstrong young woman who suffers no fools—Anthony Bridgerton very much included,” the Netflix tweet read.

The actress is no stranger to Netflix, having previously played Olivia Hanan in the hit teen comedy, ‘Sex Education.’ The 25-year-old played Elise Fox in the thriller ITV mini-series ‘The Sister.’ She has also had small parts in ‘Doctors’ and the British series ‘Broadchurch,’ but Kate Sharma will be undeniably her biggest role yet.

In an interview with Veylex, Ashley had described what it was like becoming an actress in an Indian family full of traditional academics: “They still find it quite scary and unsettling. There is no crystal ball, no security, no guarantee. Which can be a parents’ worst nightmare.”

We hear you girl!

We are just very very excited about this news!

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