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14 South Asian Fashionistas You Need to Follow Now!

14 South Asian Fashionistas You Need to Follow Now!

14 South Asian Fashionistas You Need to Follow Now!

Fashion is a beautiful form of self-expression that allows us to showcase to the world a part of us. With the use of social media and blogging, this new generation has a different answer to expert fashion stylists, the fashion blogger! With aesthetically pleasing posts and fun videos on how to style items yourself, improving your fashion skills is easily accessible at your fingertips these days. But who to follow? We have curated the perfect list of amazing fashion bloggers that any fashion lover must follow. From elaborate photo shoots in ornate desi outfits to cute night-out midi dresses, these fashionistas can do it all.

Check out these 14 South Asian fashionistas that we just can’t get enough of (in no particular order).

  1. Sruthi Jayadevan


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    Jayadevan is a stunning South Indian fashionista based out of Texas, USA. She has great pride in her South Asian heritage and is rarely seen without a bindi and bangles. Jayadevan creatively incorporates desi items into modern fashion making it all mainstream yet true to her roots all while looking classy and sexy. She is also not afraid to clap back when she’s told to “tone down the cultural stuff” by her haters and has always been open about the bullying she faced when she first moved to America at the age of 11. Jayadevan and her boyfriend, influencer, and musician known by the stage name Pranna, are constantly releasing goal-worthy posts of their adorableness and killer fashion skills.

  2. Irene Sarah Khan

    Khan is a photographer, wife, soon-to-be a mommy of two, beauty blogger, fashionista, and all-around lifestyle influencer. This mommy is killing the game on all fronts. While Khan’s desi girl fashion skills make an appearance throughout her social media, it is her night-out looks and her stellar mommy fashion skills that will amaze you. Her looks are always attainable, something you can see yourself wear. She has the ability to make it all look so effortless and graceful, even in overalls as she takes on the latest house renovation.

  3. Ankita


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    Ankita is the queen of repurposing desi clothing! This gorgeous stylist uses elaborate ways to mix and match her desi outfits to create a whole new look. Heavy eye makeup, layers of desi jewelry, and a backdrop of elegant sari’s highlight the looks on Ankita’s page. She takes inspiration from everything from high fashion photography to pista barfi’s to style her looks. Looking through her page you would never be able to tell that she often takes many of her pictures herself!

  4. Bushra

    Bushra is a British-Bengali blogger with a knack for recreating looks and looking chic on a daily basis. Whether she’s dressed in a jumpsuit or a sari, Bushra’s looks are always elegant with a touch of traditional class. She is a blend of “Queens Gambit” and “Emily in Paris,” flirty, fun, and classic. Not only does she showcase her looks, but she teaches you how to style outfits with tips and tricks. Bushra has recently launched her own line of clothing as well.

  5. Masoom Minawala Mehta

    Born and raised in Mumbai, Masoom Minawala Mehta moved to Belgium after she got married but her travels across the globe didn’t stop this fashion queen from growing her brand. The lovely, always smiling fashionista proudly showcases her desi girl fashion through Instagram series and outfit of the day posts. She’s even managed to bag some creative campaign shoots with international brands like Moda Operandi & Louis Vuitton.

  6.  Shreya Kalra

    India-based fashionista Shreya Kalra is a leading star who calls herself a “first-generation fashion blogger from India, serving a slice of fashion from Europe.” Kalra was born in Delhi and later moved to Amsterdam. From her fashion posts to her foodie endeavors, Kalra brings a classic yet eclectic flair to life. The trendsetting fashionista also created a  networking initiative for the fabulous women of the Netherlands called What’s the Plan NL.

  7. Roshni Bhatia


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    Bhatia is an inspirational woman, a phoenix who rose from the ashes of her pain to reach great glory. Why such high praise? Well, being the child of a single mother in India, Bhatia was mainly raised by her grandparents who married her off at a young age to secure her future. However, her husband was mentally abusive, constantly reminding her of the disparity in their socioeconomic backgrounds, pushing her to change her looks to be “prettier and taller” and even making her do things like wear make up to bed because he couldn’t bear to look at her without makeup. When she became pregnant with her son, Bhatia knew she had to get out of this toxic mess and she mustered the courage to leave her husband. Somewhere in between a divorce and traumatic custody battle, she met the love of her life, Piyush. It was with his support that she began her fashion blog that has expanded to build a brand and career for Bhatia. From styling tips and tricks, and beauty tutorials to dance challenges with her son, Bhatia has created a wholesome space filled with love and a whole lot of support for moms reminding them that they are still fabulous and sexy!

  8. Sakshi Sindwani

    Sindwani is a body-positive advocate, model, fashion blogger, and all-around firecracker. This fashionista shows the world that fashion is not just made for size 0 figures and that we should all be confident in who we are. Sindwani not only drops knowledge on how to style phenomenal looks but also beauty tips, life hacks, dance challenges, and some not-so-glamorous things that people don’t want to talk about like shaving and periods. She is more than just a brand of pretty pictures, she’s so enjoyable to watch with her contagious smile and laughter, it is just fun to follow her journey.

  9. Juhi Godambe


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    Juhi Godambe is a stunning fashion blogger and model who has worked with India’s top designers such as Falguni Shane Peacock. Over the years she’s built quite the brand garnering international attention and even bagging the Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Blogger Of The Year award in 2018. She has also launched her own clothing line titled Arabellaa. Godambe even represented Maybelline India at the New York Fashion Week. Recently she also got engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Sidharth Jain who makes a lot of appearances on her social media page. The couple has had to hold off on wedding plans like many this year due to the pandemic, but hopefully, we can catch Godambe in fabulous wedding looks soon!

  10. Diipa Buller Khosla


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    Diipa Buller Khosla is so breathtaking sometimes I wonder if she’s just a photoshopped human, can you be this gorgeous in real life? Is it any wonder she has graced the cover of more than seven international magazine covers? She won the title of Influencer of the Year for three consecutive years by Vogue, Elle, and Grazia. Buller Khosla is the first Indian influencer to walk the Cannes Film Festival and she was the face of Maybelline with a billboard right in Piccadilly Circus in London. Buller Khosla uses her fame to shine a light on important causes such as working with the UN and other NGOs to champion female rights and empowerment as well as anti-racism causes. Last February she actually gave a TED talk in India regarding her work, she has also had the honor of addressing the British House of Commons on International Women’s Day. The young fashionista grew up all over India and obtained a scholarship to college in Amsterdam at the young age of 17 where she gained her bachelor’s degree in international human rights law. She then moved to London for her Masters and began working as a lawyer. However in-between, she managed to snag an internship at a fashion agency that fueled her passion for fashion. Today she travels between London and Amsterdam for work. She recently married her college crush, Boston-born Dutch diplomat, Oleg Büller. Their wedding was a stunning affair fit for royalty!

  11. Niha Elety


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    Niharika Elety, better known as Niha is a fashionista focused on sustainable fashion styling. She uses her unique perspective to help others build their brand and showcases her own styling skills through social media. Elety is based in Hyderabad, India, and Dallas, Texas. The model, activist, and beauty influencer also shares information about her own vegan and sustainable lifestyle and mental health journey. Elety has an eclectic sense of fashion that is fused with her heritage and elegantly portrays it as a stunning work of art. Her social media posts alone are so magnificent, they deserve an art gallery of their own!

  12. Sindujah


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    This brown-skinned queen is absolutely divine! Though she is a beauty influencer and showcases her work as a make-up artist, we are here for her killer sari looks that are drool-worthy. Sindujah makes wearing your mom’s old sari cool and sexy again. The Indian-American fashionista shares beauty reviews and tutorials, fitness videos with her husband, hair styling tricks, and more.

  13. Seerat Saini

    Punjabi American fashionista Seerat Saini is a fashion and beauty blogger with a real fun side. Saini not only serves us sexy looks in crop tops and bikinis with blazers but also hilarious memes on her page @BrownGirlMemes that she runs alongside Zoe Harveen Kaur of @ZHKdesigns and Sanjana Nagesh the founder of @BrownGirlGang on Instagram. Saini’s meme game is just as strong as her fashion skills. The San Francisco-based influencer showcases looks from sweater dresses from Pac Sun to stunning holiday looks from designer Michael Costello who’s dressed the likes of Oprah, Mariah Carey, and Beyonce! So, whether you’re looking for an attainable look on a budget or high fashion, Saini has the answers for all. Saini is so relatable and her comedy (especially those Kareena Kapoor “Poo” renditions) and YouTube videos are a joy to watch.

  14. Maryam Ishtiaq


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    Maryam Ishtiaq is a Pakistani-American lifestyle blogger who’s got a killer fashion sense. Though Ishtiaq identifies as a food, beauty, and lifestyle blogger, it’s her fashion skills that caught our eye. The new mommy has the ability to throw together a simple look that is effortlessly fashionable. Ishtiaq and her husband Nabeel manage their blog Thread & So and even release cooking videos with delicious easy to make recipes. Check out her blog and her Insta feed for all the adulting life hacks you’ll need.

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