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In Conversation With Saurav Mahajan | Singer | GOF Gal On Fleek

In Conversation With Saurav Mahajan | Singer | GOF Gal On Fleek

Saurav Mahajan Talks About His Debut Single ‘Gal on Fleek’ & More

Saurav Mahajan aka DJ Bunty has been entertaining the east coast for more than a decade. He has worked alongside celebrity singers & performers. His professional experience has earned him the respect of his peers and his clients, thus making him one of the top event entertainers in the US. On Valentine’s Day he released his debut single, ‘G.O.F Gal On Fleek’. In an exclusive interview, Saurav Mahajan spoke to us about his journey from being a DJ to becoming a singer, which wasn’t a small one. “I would say and a lot of people influenced me all these years like my guru DJ Ladla who connected me to music at a very young age. All the people who work with me in my entertainment company, my wife, and my parents – who always motivated me to sing and most importantly, listened, when I was singing. So my relationship with music has been a long one.” “I was going to spin at clubs by the age of 17. So I always had a passion for music and I always wanted to sing, I just didn’t realize till a long time that I wanted to do this at this level. One day it just struck me and I said to myself I have to follow my dream, so here I am with my very first single.” ” I wanted to sign a love song and that’s why ‘Gal on Fleek’ is a love song. We recorded the song late in 2019 and were planning to shoot in early 2020 but the pandemic happened and things got delayed. But then one day my director called me and said I am coming to New York in 3 days let’s shoot. So we had to plan to get my outfits and style them in 3 days. My stylist worked overnight making sure it works out. The only thing that was in our favor was that we already knew what concept we were going to shoot, so that helped speed up things in terms of locations and what time of the day to shoot. There are plenty of people I want to thank who came through last minute and made it a successful shoot. Like Raja Singh for lyrics & composition, Ro Hardy for music, Harry Jordan for direction & DOP, Mr. Editor for editing, Ankita Arora as the producer, the stylist Rachna Ahuja, and off-course the record label, Live Life Loud Records.” Listen in to the whole interview for deets on his upcoming songs!

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