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DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 14

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 14

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 14

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 14

On today’s Tune-in-Tuesdays we look at some music video tidbits from the world of Bollywood, urban desi, and the global South Asian independent scene all creatively curated just for you! We talk about the music, the artist, some technicalities and help you judge for yourself whether you really need to give it your time on Youtube or not.

1. Bharam – HASHKY

Born in Pakistan, Hash is a musician and producer from Perth, Australia. Starting with the guitar, he built on his passion for Hip Hop and RnB. Having played and been involved with multiple bands, Hash incorporates a wide variety of genres, styles, and influences in his music. Bharam is an attitude. It comes from one’s character, reputation, esteem, and credit. It is all about bringing an air of confidence and that is exactly what BHARAM does. Hashky’s musical work is defined by a strong convergence of eclectic influences from the east and the west. As a trilingual musician, Hashky incorporates English, Urdu/Hindi, and Pashto in his music and sound which defines BHARAM as well. We give Bharam 4 winks and you can peep it on HASHKY’s official YouTube channel.

2. Har Funn Maula – Vishal Dadlani x Zara Khan feat.

Aamir Khan x Elli Avram Aamir khan in general is such a genius and a gentleman put together. No matter what he does. Well, except for thugs of Hindustan. The video does bring me back to ‘Koi Kahe’ from “Dil Chahta Hai” but just me. Khan, a bit older but at any given point much better and believable than the other two khans that we all know about. Elli Avram looks absolutely stunning and the choreography is on point. Vishal Dadlani and Zara khan on the vocals is simply Vishal that we all love. Har Funn Maula is a track from an upcoming film “Koi Jaane Na” starring Kunal Kapoor slated to release on the 26th of March! We give Har Funn Maula by Vishal Dadlani x Zara khan 3 winks and you can peep it on T-Series official YouTube channel.

3. Close – The PropheC

Close is the second music video off of Calgary based singer/songwriter – The PropheC’s latest EP – Solace Director Hector Toro, 360 worldwide take it up a notch with this one. Visuals, production, and the final product is a damn treat to watch. The track already on repeat for many just adds the constant replays with the music video. I just wanna know how did you get into that pyramid looking thing with fire by your side in the water – help a brother out 🙂 We give Close by The PropheC- 3.5 winks and you can watch the official video on The PropheC’s YouTube channel but def.

4. Snooze – Sama Blake x Guru Lahori

If you don’t know who Sama Blake is I def. Recommend you to look him up. From Sniper to perfect scene – I personally have been a genuine day 1 Fan. Without any bias at all – this is some fire ish. Amsterdam – the Haque is back – with DJ Khaled in the back – We the Best! Sama links up with Pakistani Canadian rapper Guru Lahori and I’m so glad this link-up happened. Shukran brothers 🙂 Video is not anything out of the ordinary but the track is fiyaaa – But – Latt baar bajee bass – sucks it all up. We just needed a few more bars from guru but overall Snooze is def. Something that you will Snooze and rewatch and relisten to again 🙂 We give SNOOZE by SAMA BLAKE AND GURU LAHORI 3 WINKS and you can watch the official video on SAMA BLAKE’S official youtube channel.

5. Duniya – Bambi Bains

Duniya is now. Duniya is female. Duniya is power. Bambi Bains who has been singing since she was 16 when discovered by PBN is crushing it with her latest release. Produced by Shaye this track is ahead of its time for sure. Catch this exclusive BTS with Bambi Bains as she speaks on Duniya, the representation of females in the music industry, and how she keeps it a 100. We give Duniya 3.5 winks And. Check the official video out on BAMBI BAINS official YouTube channel.

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