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Pakistan Gets It’s 1st Transgender Islamic School In Islamabad

Pakistan Gets It’s 1st Transgender Islamic School In Islamabad

Pakistan Opens It's 1st Transgender Islamic School In Islamabad

Where there is a will there is a way. It is not a common sight to see minorities make such bold moves for a change for the better. However, Rani Khan, a truly inspirational transgender Muslim spent her lifelong savings to serve people of her like. She has set up the first transgender only madrassa (religious school) in the heart of Pakistan.

Islam is a religion of equality and gives rights to every human being based on humanity, regardless of their color, race, or gender. Unfortunately, people who fail to dig deeper into Islam, go astray as a result. Rani sensed such ignorance in the Pakistani society and decided to teach the Quran to transgenders. Adorned in a white shawl, she teaches at her newly founded madrassa, in an effort to bring them to the path of righteousness.

A Pakistani transgender has a hard time in Pakistan due to societal pressure and lack of security. This community is forced to make “a fool of themselves” in order to make money. They are known for their dances at weddings and other similar gatherings.

Alternatively, one can find them begging for money on the streets. Sadly, opportunities are quite limited for this community in Pakistan. There are two extremes. While some transgenders are accepted by their families, most of them are disowned.

In 2018, Pakistan gave transgenders fundamental rights such as the ability to vote and choose their gender on official documents.

Imran Khan - Transgender Islamic School In Islamabad

We hope the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan will take notice of such remarkable people and help them grow bigger.

Rani used to dance at events from the age of 17. Later, she saw a fellow transgender in her dream, requesting her to do something to save their community from bad deeds. Growing up in such an environment, Rani decided to save the future of upcoming transgender generations.

“I’m teaching the Quran to please God, to make my life here and in the hereafter,” Khan said while speaking to VOA News, explaining how the school offered a place for transgender people to worship, learn about Islam and repent for their past actions.

Not only that, she also educates her students on how to sew and master the art of embroidery, in hopes to raise more funds for her institution. We hope the government will help them grow bigger and better, for the transgender community must be given the respect and rights they deserve.

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