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Uber Eats Driver – Muhammad Anwar Will Be Remembered Forever

Uber Eats Driver – Muhammad Anwar Will Be Remembered Forever

Uber Eats Driver - Muhammad Anwar Will Be Remembered Forever

How often do we get to see hardworking Pakistani Americans like the late Uber Eats driver, Muhammad Anwar? Is it that such South Asians rarely exist, or they aren’t focused much upon? The reality is that good and bad people exist in all communities. A few bad people cannot define the norms of a minor community, but unfortunately, negative news about minorities is more noticeable. But, stories like the carjacking incident with Anwar also exist.

There are a lot of aged Pakistani people like Muhammad Anwar who have dedicated their lives serving in the United States, in order to earn a respectable name and living for themselves. No, they have never believed in violence or terrorism. In fact, the irony is that such poor minorities end up becoming a target of violence.

Anwar immigrated from Pakistan in 2014. He was working as an Uber Eats driver when he was murdered by two teenage girls during an armed carjacking. They sped off his car as he clung to the driver’s side with the door open and crashed seconds later just outside the ballpark of the Washington Nationals. The girls were aged thirteen and fifteen but had the audacity to threaten the old man with a taser and drive his car. What were they even thinking? Anwar leaves behind a wife, three adult children, and four grandchildren.

This incident brings forth the ugly reality of our upcoming generations. What kind of kids are we bringing up as a society? We seem to be living in a time where hard work and dignity are looked down upon while criminal acts like stealing, snatching, and hitting the elderly are becoming acceptable. This virus is even worse than Covid-19 as it has no cure. It all comes down to the values that children are brought up with. It’s time we focus more on our children’s mannerisms than just school grades. 


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This is the story of an innocent Pakistani man. Had there been a carjacker of Pakistani origin, this incident would have spread like fire all over social media. Don’t you agree?

Nothing can make up for this great loss, but we hope Anwar’s family gets justice for his death. May this carjacking incident be the last one. Anwar worked hard his entire life to provide for his family. We are sending across prayers for Anwar and his family. Sadly, most good men are remembered only after they are no more. Why the wait? Let’s start appreciating all the brave South Asians around us who have to go the extra mile to make a mark. More power to you all.

Don’t let the Anwars feel alone in this tragedy. Donate Now at GoFundMe and play your part. 

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