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DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 17

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 17

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 17

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 17

On today’s Tune-in-Tuesdays we look at some music video tidbits from the world of Bollywood, urban desi, and the global South Asian independent scene all creatively curated just for you! We talk about the music, the artist, some technicalities and help you judge for yourself whether you really need to give it your time on Youtube or not.

1. Pani Di Gal – @maninderbuttar x @aseeskaurmusic x @mixsingh

The beginning 60 seconds of the video makes me wonder. Do Punjabi kudiyaan really gather around the mithai area at a viyaah and talk like this? Just check it out – and let me know – please! And do kids really ask their Mamus – and then tell their moms when they’re getting married? Well, I think that does happen – personal experience! Maninder Buttar with White Hill Music releases his latest track – Pani Di Gal featuring vocals by Asees Kaur starring himself and Jasmin Bhasin. “In this song, the boy is convincing his love to say yes to him” That’s not me – that’s the White Hill description on YouTube – I mean come on – yawl can do better. Buttar’s voice is as always – just super “cute” honestly from the get-go and that’s exactly what it is. Genuinely turned off by the lyrics and it has that same flow that he’s always had – not saying that that’s bad – but I think it’s enough. And in the end – the way he picks her up – def. doing your than there Mr. Buttar – naughty – that could’ve def. have been shot again and cleaner 🙂 Having said that, his debut album JUGNI – as an overall project is something that I am def. looking forward to! Pani Di Gal will get the masses and then the album should do great as well! 🙂 We give Pani Di Gal 2.5 winks and you can peep the official video on White Hill Music’s Official YouTube Channel 🙂

2. Demeanor – @khurrammalik x @happysinghmusic

Khurram got cricket, family, and a whole lot more in Demeanor – his latest release with Happy Singh. Originally from Pakistan, Khurram Malik, grew up in Denver, Co and now based in LA. A former dancer in the South Asian scene, he’s all about repping the music scene and def. shows his Demeanor with this one. With only 2 years in the game – both numbers and rep are def. growing. Happy Singh is always a fun vibe and gotta give credit where it’s due. Happy Singh has some dope music out – so def. check out his Youtube as well! Demeanor overall is a dope track – but only one thing tho – IDK if I can hear bitches that many times in one song – that’s pretty much it. We give Demeanor – @khurrammalik x @happysinghmusic 3.5 winks and you can watch the official video on Khurram Malik’s official YouTube channel.

3. Modern Ranjha – Singhsta, Yo Yo Honey Singh

I knew either I was gonna completely hate this or completely just have FUN with it! Modern Ranjha is a FUN ASS TRACK! Ok – the singing is not what I’m talking about here – vocals is an animal of the past but music, production, engineering, mastering, and the overall project is just very nicely presented – and also – sorry but not sorry – the acting – I don’t even wanna start! But in the middle of the video – well at 1:28 – when the beat drops – it’s a rap. That’s where the fun starts! Singhsta is a talented MF – he “sings” Modern Ranjha – has written it, produced it, and even mixed it – respect. Ok, another personal thing is that I have been to a number of these locations including – 32 milestone, Piano Man in Gurgaon or the new Gurugram – so def. Delhi NCR stands up and it gives you them brownie points. These guys finally are bringing back a Punjabi vibe that honestly is much needed and trust me all Yo Yo Honey Singh haters out there – I got respect for the man – and for the genre of music – that he has created! 🙂 he’s opened many doors and windows and trust me – many more are yet to be opened! We give Modern Ranjah – Singhsta 4 winks and watch it on Desi Music Factory’s official YouTube channel.

4. MAGO – Jasmine Sandlas

Tell me what you want – what you want Sohneyaaa Yeah, I got it all – got it all Sohneyaa I am so Glad – Jasmine Sandlas is back – I mean she been back but with this one – she’s letting you know. Letting a lotta people know including you SANDHUA 🙂 MAGO – our Mitro Aa Gayi Oye – simply translated to – Friends I am Back – or Friends I am here. Cali 209 – to Punjabi Sundown – She got that Punjabi Bodega, graffiti walls, bikes, BBQs outside the store with her sister Rosleen, Mother, and brother all on deck in the end. There’s genuine passion, power, and a whole lot of pain that this industry can give you and that’s what you gotta give back to it – that’s it! Girl, do what you’re doing and keep on doing it – we got ur back! We give MAGO – or – Make America great – I mean Mitro Aa gayi one – 4.5 winks and you can watch it on Jasmin Sandlas’s official YouTube channel!

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