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DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 20

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 20

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 20

DissDash presents Tune-in-Tuesdays with @MontyIsLive | Episode 20

On today’s Tune-in-Tuesdays we look at some music video tidbits from the world of Bollywood, urban desi, and the global South Asian independent scene all creatively curated just for you! We talk about the music, the artist, some technicalities and help you judge for yourself whether you really need to give it your time on Youtube or not.

1. Malum Hai Na (INTRO) – Emiway Bantai

Bilal Sheikh aka Emiway Bantai is pretty much the undisputed *not so much underground anymore* hip hop act of India. Currently trending in India right now – Malum Hai Na – is the Intro to his first studio album – very much awaited from Desi Hip Hop fans including myself globally. This dude’s veins pop when he spits – literally – the hustle is still on and it definitely shows. I just personally wanna say that – the scene in India is dope for sure – but the beef aspect can take a backseat now – let’s just have music, art – and chill with the subliminal and throwing shade ALL the time – when required – of course – but not every track, every verse, every drop.

We give Malum Hai Na 3 winks and you can catch the official video Emiway Bantai’s youtube channel.

2. Lambo – @rubal x @sunnybrownofficial

To be frank – The NYC skyline and yellow Lambos can honestly seem like a dated concept. But if done just simply right – it is a whole ass vibe. Rubal’s Lambo just released a few days ago and it does justice to not just that lovely yellow machine but overall NY as well – including the Kosciuszko Bridge, Times Square, Oheka Castle, and the overall Long Island suburb as well. NY-based Rubal Sikka – drops catchy Punjabi vocals over this trap/hip hop beat by the main man Sunny Brown himself – formerly part of the Culture Shock from Canada. Shoutouts to the beautiful Dilsheet as the female lead including Sean and Pearl as the cool kids on the block, Arael as Director/Editor, and of course Chris x Jassi as the producers. Rubal has definitely grown as an artist and I am hoping to see more releases after Lambo in the near future. For now def. peep Lambo and some of his projects from the past including Pearls, Paranda x Lovestruck – all on his YouTube channel and other major platforms.

We give Lambo by Rubal 3.5 winks.

3. Purani Yaari – Jazzy B x Babbu Maan x Harj Nagar

What happens when you have living legends from Nawashehr, Punjab, and Khant Maanpur Punjab – you get Puraani Year with Jazzy B and Babbu Jaan respectively 🙂 Puraani Yaari is a brand new Punjabi track performed by Jazzy B, written by Babbu Jaan, and produced by Harj Nagar. The video/track hooks u from the get-go – Babbu Maan with his words and Jazzy B with his haiku – right in the beginning. The random eagle and fire flames don’t really work for me honestly throughout the entire video but the hook, track, and a reminder that the Farmer’s protest is NOT over in India – especially Delhi – is what music of today makes a mark. And is Jazzy B ever gonna age – like for real – he was supposed to be a King by now – dude is still the prince 🙂 that’s a compliment – I think 🙂

We give Purani Yaari – Jazzy B x Babbu Maan x Harj Nagra 3 winks and you can watch the video on Jazzy B’s official YouTube channel.

4. Love Look Like – @isickmusic x @stavesonata There are many different ways to show love and what love actually looks like. Sometimes it’s together. Sometimes it’s at a distance. This particular track shows what love looks like from a distance with someone or just with yourself. Brooklyn-based Bangladeshi artist I-sick and producer stave sonata release their latest featuring the beautiful Zubaida khan and shot by IMI NYC. Scenic vibes – individuals doing their own thing and spending their time how they best want to spend it is what Love Look Like is all about.

We give Love Look Like by I-sick and Stave Sonata 4 winks and you can watch the official video on I-sick’s YouTube channel.

5. Rabba Maine Chand Vekhya – Jubin Nautiyal

The final video for this week is an extremely beautiful song which is the perfect song for the season! No ratings, reviews, or too much commentary – but if you or your friends or family are celebrating Ramadan and have been fasting – more power to you 🙂 Take a look, listen, feel at Jubin Nautyal’s Rabba Maine Chand Vekhya – Meri Eidi Mujhe Dilado jee” Eid Mubarak in advance – god bless and peace be upon everyone out there – stay smiling and be safe – khudha haafiz 🙂

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