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Maryam Ishtiaq’s #DropTheBrands Campaign Stands For What Is Right

Maryam Ishtiaq’s #DropTheBrands Campaign Stands For What Is Right

Maryam Ishtiaq's #DropTheBrands Campaign Stands For What Is Right

We salute you Maryam Ishtiaq! It is a rare sight to witness a trending influencer refuse to work with a brand that supports the Israeli Defense Force. Not many take up the opportunity to do the right thing inspite of financial and career risks. The #DropTheBrands campaign is a prime example of exactly that.

Social media has the power to influence people’s beliefs, actions, and opinions. Therefore, it is essential to set a code of conduct. Damaging trends and campaigns aren’t an option anymore as the voice of the oppressed will always be heard here.

Maryam Ishtiaq is setting the path for not only aspiring newcomers in the field of blogging but also existing influencers with the #DropTheBrands campaign. The idea behind the hashtag is that if a brand does not align with one’s beliefs and is morally corrupt, then the influencer must boycott it.


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Since the start of Ishtiaq’s blogging career, she decided to be transparent and only support brands she genuinely believes in.  As easy as it may sound, we must realize that not all influencers have the guts to do so. Having an association with big brands builds up credibility and taking the road less traveled is often a very hard one, however Ishtiaq is firmly standing for humanity over her own personal gain.

The Jewish-dominated state of Israel is the 8th largest arms exporter in the world. Israel not only wants to occupy the Palestinian-dominated Gaza Strip but also uses the area as a demonstration for their artillery every few years. This marketing tactic gets them huge sales from first-world countries like the United States and Europe. A major reason why first-world countries do not oppose Israel irrespective of all their wrong doings.

Speaking up for unjust practices by such a powerful nation comes with a heavy price that many are not ready to pay. While other influencers are scared of losing campaigns, getting blacklisted, and enduring backlash for being too outspoken, Ishtiaq decided to boycott brands than support the ideology of violence.


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She urges that just saying, “we do not stand with inequality and injustice” is not enough. The influencer community must not remain silent because they are too ignorant, scared, or incapable to comprehend the urgency of the situation. It is important that they figure out the facts and figures first and then educate others about the injustice via their social media platforms. This is a type of charity and human rights movement that can only gain momentum if all bloggers realize their social responsibility towards humanity. Speak up. #DropTheBrands

We support Maryam and her efforts and hope that others follow suit.  This is not about being Muslim or Jewish.  It’s about standing up for the oppressed when most needed.  Thank you Maryam.

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