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Food Blogger Marrie Sharma Shares Her “Taste Tale” & More

Food Blogger Marrie Sharma Shares Her “Taste Tale” & More

Food Blogger Marrie Sharma Shares Her "Taste Tale" & More

Who doesn’t want to enjoy delicious and healthy food? Marrie Sharma believes that blessed are those who accept food as a gift from nature and spend their love and time in preparing different dishes. With several feathers in her hat, she has been cooking up a storm as a food blogger and shares her tales of taste with her ardent followers.

We had a quick chat with Marrie Sharma about her journey and more.

DissDash: Did you always want to become a food blogger?

Marrie Sharma: I completed my graduation in Mass Communication and MSc in applied psychology from Annamalai University. While doing my Mass Communication studies I completed B.A. (English Literature). As you might assume that having different degrees of different branches of knowledge could have inspired me to take one line and move ahead, but amazingly I chose a very different way. Being a full-time food blogger was never my dream. But I started writing food blogs and they gained gradual popularity, charting my route by itself.

Food Blogger Marrie Sharma Shares Her "Taste Tale" & More

DissDash: How did your food blogging journey begin?

Sharma: I worked few years as a professional full-time content writer. I started my journey as a food blogger in 2017. Though I was not much aware of where this journey would lead me, I started sharing my reviews on Instagram as well as on Zomato and Swiggy. Within a year, restaurants started approaching me for collaboration which opened up a completely new horizon for me. I got to know that the work which I had started out of my love for food can pay me too.

I have collaborated with food and beverage brands such as Jarved, Go Desi, Pizza On My Plate, Marine Hydrocolloids, and many more. Eventually, I started sharing my recipes. My main motto is to share easy and effortless cooking with easily available ingredients, especially for beginners. The skill of cooking good food comes with time and experience, and similarly arranging correct ingredients is equally important. After preparing a really delicious dish, writing the recipe and the method of cooking that dish is an important added step.

Food Blogger Marrie Sharma Shares Her "Taste Tale" & More

DissDash: What do you have planned next?

Sharma: I have hundreds of my cooking videos available on my YouTube for public view. The channel is “The Taste Tale” which is new as of now. I am still on the go, and I really do not know where I am heading, for I being a knowledge-hungry creature I can’t stop at one point and start living a monotonous life doing the same work over and again as a daily routine. I am also a makeup artist and share my makeup tutorials. So I am still in the process of expanding my scope of work.

I would just like to say that one should do the task that gives you satisfaction and enjoyment ought to be made your profession. I do not believe that one particular goal should direct my life, in the processing keeping me away from several other branches of knowledge that might give me delight and satisfaction. I am on the go and would definitely like to be on the go till the end!

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