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‘Family Karma’ Debuts Priya Shah’s ‘Desi Chaat’ By Culturally Inclined

‘Family Karma’ Debuts Priya Shah’s ‘Desi Chaat’ By Culturally Inclined

Priya Shah's 'Desi Chaat' Just Made TV Debut On The Season Finale Of 'Family Karma'

South Asians making their debut on American TV is obviously a thing. But have you heard of a South Asian game making its American TV debut? Well, Priya Shah’s ‘Desi Chaat’ did just that and it’s too exciting not to talk about!

‘Desi Chaat’ is all set to have its TV debut on the finale of season 2 of ‘Family Karma’ on Bravo TV on July 28th. The second season of ‘Family Karma’ premiered on June 2nd and has been going strong ever since. As the first-ever Indian-American reality TV show, Bravo fans have been able to learn about a whole new culture, and they’ve fallen in love with the colorful traditions and parties.


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‘Desi Chaat’ is the perfect game night addition to bring the family together over some healthy competition. Shah’s version of the game has the same rules as ‘Taboo’ and it comes with a pencil, an hourglass timer, card tray holder, scorecard, a buzzer, and cards that range in difficulty. Each card has a target word at the top of the card the player has to guess with a list of keywords that are taboo for the person describing the target word to use in his or her description.

Priya Shah left a job at a marketing firm to create the company Culturally Inclined Productions and developed ‘Desi Chaat.’ The idea for the game came to her while she was still in college. Shah graduated from Rutger’s University in 2011 with a degree in economics and communications. While in school she was very involved with the South Asian community taking part in Diwali and Holi events in college but there was a lack of games to play for South Asians at these events.

Shah was determined to create something for her peers and family so they had something else to play besides antakshari, cheesy charades, and carrom. She also wanted to change the mentality of South Asian youth so they are more accepting of their cultural differences.


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Shah was ecstatic as she shared the news on her social media and we are eager to watch the next episode of ‘Family Karma’ and enjoy the experience.

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