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“Gossip Girl” Throws Shade And Jameela Jamil Is Loving It!

“Gossip Girl” Throws Shade And Jameela Jamil Is Loving It!

"Gossip Girl" Throws Shade And Jameela Jamil Is Loving It!

“Gossip Girl” is known for its catty comments and scandalous moments but this new reboot of the show is really hitting fans where it hurts with its pop culture relevance. In episode four of the show, in an effort to seek revenge on her half-sister, Zoya digs up an old fatphobic tweet by Julien. This catapults into a #CallowayCancelParty trend on Twitter where numerous guests pull out of Julien’s party, including special musical guest Princess Nokia. At this point, Julien’s friend Audrey states ” “It gets worse, Jameela Jamil just defended you.”

Jamil being the fabulous star she is took it all in stride. Jamil is known for her activism as much as her roles hosting and acting. She gained popularity in the states after playing Tahani in “The Good Place.” She’s also taken on big names in an effort to battle toxic diet culture such as promoting dietary supplements or unhealthy diets, as well as body shaming. She always used her powers for good to promote positive body image, feminism, and more. Though Jamil is known for calling people out, she’s also the first to encourage followers to allow everyone a chance to learn from their mistakes. The latest “Gossip Girl” jab pokes fun at her how her well-intentioned support can become catastrophic. Jamil responds “Sorry Julien!”

Jamil is currently working on her latest show, Marvel’s “She-Hulk” where she will be playing Titania, She-Hulk’s nemesis. She has also been working on an animated role, Gandra Dee on “Duck Tales.” It’s pretty adorable how much Gandra Dee has been created to physically resemble Jamil, down to her eyeliner! We are just loving every bit of this!

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