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Get “Down” With Jay Sean’s Smooth Sail Sake

Get “Down” With Jay Sean’s Smooth Sail Sake

Jay Sean Launches His Dream Drink - Smooth Sail Sake

British Asian legend Jay Sean has joined the league of liquor bosses with the launch of his line of canned Sake – Smooth Sail Sake. He shared this “MAJOR MOVES ALERT” with his fans on social media. The launch is timed perfectly as lockdowns are ending and the party season has begun!


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Born in London, England, Jay Sean was a hip-hop kid with a knack for diverse singing and songwriting. By 2008, he was delivering international hits like ‘Ride It’ and ‘Maybe’ before inking a serendipitous deal with Cash Money Records that brought him full-fledged into the American mainstream. ‘Down’ was the catalyst, a dance-infused Pop cut featuring Young Money figurehead Lil Wayne, with accents of soul that proved Jay Sean had layers to his versatility, punctuated with the crossover success of his third studio album “All or Nothing”. He took his interests overseas after his 2013 final Cash Money release ‘Neon,’ securing an international deal and working with top-tier artists like Sean Paul and Maluma on the Reggaetón tinged ‘Make My Love Go’ plus ‘Thinking About You’ with Hardwell among many others.

A timeless artist, Jay Sean is ready for this exciting new venture with Smooth Sail Sake.

While on tour in Asia, Sean discovered a love for Sake. The official website for the drink states that he often found that fun nights resulted in sluggish, bloated, unproductive mornings. He observed, however, that when he drank Sake, a drink which is free of sulfites, tannins, and gluten, all prized for sparing imbibers of the painful effects of serious hangovers, the next day was a lot smoother. He longed to create a drink that could deliver these unique benefits and did not compromise on great taste. After several trials, his co-founding group of friends developed a unique, effervescent Sake beverage that’s made in America and unlike anything you’ve ever had.

Jay Sean Launches His Dream Drink - Smooth Sail Sake
Image Source: Instagram via @smoothsailsake

So Chief Cultural Officer, Jay Sean, and his close friends, now bring us Smoothsail™, the world’s first premium, canned sparkling Sake brand which boasts natural flavors, clean ingredients, zero sugar, and a superior taste profile. Currently, in two flavors, Peach and Berry, Smoothsail™ is an easy-drinking alternative to other canned alcoholic drinks. It clocks in at 7 percent ABV, nearly double that of mainstream hard seltzers. Made using only the cleanest premium-grade sake, ultra-filtered water, a unique monk fruit, and stevia extract blend, and a precise brewing process, Smoothsail™ is bound to be one of a kind.

Have you had a sip yet? Post your reviews of Smooth Sail Sake here and we will make sure Jay Sean knows what you think!

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